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Zichuan _ Laozhu _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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One by one, the Lions lost, one by one, the veterans were killed, and the mighty Wind and Frost Crusaders fought all the way from Lake Wallen to Langchang River, which shocked the whole continent www. XiaoshuotXt, coM The fifth chapter is about famous generals. The miserable voice echoed at both ends of the river. For a moment, the two sides of the Langcang River, where hundreds of thousands of troops had gathered, were silent. Everyone was listening attentively, forgetting that the wind and frost were chasing after them. With a light click, the screams suddenly stopped, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately, a burst of warm applause and thunderous cheers broke out on both sides of the river: "Good job, Lord Commander!" An example is in front of us, no one dares to jump the queue to grab the road, the retreat order becomes orderly again, under the command of the garrison, four soldiers run across the bridge, dredging speed is much faster. When the pontoon bridge was ready,pump tube, Ouyang Jing whimsically strung dozens of carriages together and pushed them into the river, where they were pulled by several soldiers on the bridge. The carriages were all made of wood, and when they entered the water, they floated up, and the soldiers could run quickly on the carriages floating on the water. In this way, two pontoon bridges were built, and a burst of cheers broke out at both ends of the river. The soldiers cheered excitedly: "Long live Commander Zichuan!" A temporary headquarters was set up at the bridgehead. In the bustling crowd,empty lotion tubes, Zichuan Xiu sat on a temporary chair made of a wooden box and opened the map splint. Staring at the topographic map, he was burning with anxiety. Dana Ferry and Bridge are the only way from the northwest to the imperial capital, and this section of the Langcang River Basin is the most gentle and narrow. After the ferry, the cavalry can be flat, straight to the capital without rest. This is the enemy in any case to seize the key, such an important position, Zichuan Xiu can only rely on ten thousand cavalry to guard. In the face of the strong wind and frost army, he felt like he was running against the biting wind in his thin clothes. When someone came into the door, Zichuan Xiu raised his head, and the Delong Banner of the 32nd Division stood in front of him. The old officer bent over and said uneasily to Zichuan Xiu, "My Lord, if you want to hold here, you need at least two infantry divisions. In this narrow riverbank area, cavalry is useless. It can only be used as a reserve for counter-assault.". The enemy may arrive at any time. We don't have much time. We have to build fortifications at once. The experienced old officer and himself came to the same conclusion, plastic laminted tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, looking at the old officer's dark and thin face, both of them were helpless. A lot of things are not transferred by people's will. Of course, Zichuan Xiu understands that the safest thing now is to tear down the bridge so as not to fall into the hands of the wind and frost, but he can't: the retreating troops on the other side are still counting on this bridge to save their lives! Two things were imperative: first, to extend the line along the river bank immediately, but we were short of men; second, to assemble the skirmishers, and to organize them into a force that could be put into action again, but it might be too late. Zi Chuan Xiu looked at the unscathed routed soldiers and said, "They may have collapsed without fighting with Liu Fengshuang!" Drone nodded, and experienced commanders knew that it was easier to return a group of veterans who had failed to fight the enemy to the battlefield than to drive a group of soldiers who had collapsed before meeting the enemy. The veterans have met the enemy and seen blood, while the recruits are completely defeated by their own psychological pressure. They have the shadow of failure in their hearts, and they are easily flustered at the slightest sign of trouble. Presentation They all looked out of the command department in surprise, where a middle-aged red-clad flag was standing. He was well-proportioned, with slightly pale hair under his helmet, and the red-clad flag was slightly embarrassed under the surprised gaze of several strangers. He went into the tent and looked at the people. "I heard that there is a temporary field headquarters here, and there is a commander commanding here." Seeing the Venus on Zichuan Xiu's shoulder, he seemed to have his eyes burned by fire and knocked his heel loudly: "Lord Commander!" Zi Chuan Xiu stood up and looked at him confusedly. "May I ask your name? Which unit is your officer from?" Yang Ning! Is that you, Yang Ning? Delong suddenly cried out happily: "Yang Ning, old classmate, don't you recognize me? I am Delong!" " Delon, it's you! I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't recognize you. The two men shook hands and said hello excitedly, and the reunion of friends for many years was a matter of celebration even on the battlefield. "Where are you now?" Delon asked directly. "I served as deputy commander of the Third Corps of the Northwest Forcing Defense Army and commander of the 23rd Infantry Division." "Ah!" Several people exclaimed, and Delong looked at Zichuan Xiu and said, "That Mihai just now seems to be from the Third Corps of the Northwest Frontier Defense." Yang Ning waved his hand again and again: "Don't misunderstand, don't misunderstand, I'm not here for this.". Although Mi Hai is my colleague, his death is entirely his own fault. Commanding adult, I am also a veteran soldier, also know that orders are forbidden, military orders are like mountains. Mihai has offended the public by knowingly breaking the law. Now hundreds of thousands of military forces routed, if not kill LiWei, how can the army? If I were you, I would kill him, too. Seeing that the other party did not come to ask for punishment, Zichuan Xiu put down his heart greatly and shook his hand forcefully: "Thank you!"! Mr. Yang Ning, thank you for your understanding! But, sir, where are your troops? Zi Chuan Xiu asked, but there was no hope in his heart. Along the way, he had seen too many troops who had been beaten to pieces and countless lonely bachelor commanders. Yang Ning waved his hand forcefully. The 213th and 24th Divisions had already crossed the bridge. The 25th Infantry Division was still on the other side of the river, and a trench team was still there. My Lord, I want to ask you to allow our troops to cross the river first! Zi Chuan Xiu opened his eyes wide: "Does your corps still have a complete establishment?" "The retreat was too hasty and chaotic. We were pulled out of the headquarters by the wind and frost. The deputy commander of the corps, Bai Xi,polyfoil tube, was missing. It may have been.." He paused, and everyone understood what he meant, and silently took off the cap on his head. emptycosmetictubes.com

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