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Wolongsheng Golden Sword and Carved Plume Full-time Job

2022-11-01 12:22   Security & Safety   Adiwerna   93 views
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Shang Ba laughed and said, "The market price is different sooner or later. If you don't seize this opportunity, Miss Yue will burn the bridge or ask for an exorbitant price. Won't you lose a sum of money?" Yue Xiaochai sighed sadly and said, "Tell me!"! What business? "It's easy to talk," said Shang Ba. "As long as Miss Yue makes this deal in good faith, I'll never let her suffer losses." Yue Xiaochai said angrily, "My brother doesn't know martial arts. How can he stand being caught like this? I promised you, so I won't blame him any more.". Put my brother down quickly. Shang Ba smiled and said, "Before our business was concluded, these two were also my customers and buyers.." As soon as Yue Xiaochai had a whore in her heart, she answered coldly, "I didn't expect Zhongzhou Shuangjia, who is famous all over Wulin, to be such a person.." Shang Ba was not angry either. He answered with a smile, "In Jianghu, there is no one who doesn't know Zhongzhou Shuangjia. They always recognize profits but not people. Our brothers only ask whether the business is successful or not, not whether it is right or wrong." Yue Xiaochai had already rushed over. She took Xiao Ling and said hurriedly, "How are you, brother?" When Shang Ba grabbed Xiao Ling, he had already secretly transported the internal force and urged Xiao Ling's Qi and blood. "Xiao Ling opened her eyes and looked at Yue Xiaochai's anxious face." Don't worry, sister, "she said with a slight smile." I'm fine. She stood up from the arms of Yue Xiaochai. The merchant gave a ha-ha and said, "Fortunately, your brother is not injured." "It's a pity,pallet rack shelving," said Yue Xiaochai coldly, "I don't know where the'Key to the Forbidden Palace 'is stored, and I haven't seen it. I'm afraid you two will pay for this business." Shang Ba was slightly stunned and said, "My brother has gone through countless storms and waves. He will never capsize in the sewer. You can rest assured of that." Du Jiu, a cold-faced iron pen, answered coldly, "When our brothers do business, they always trade in cash and never default. It's just because Miss Yue's business is so big that we make an exception and give credit. But there's no proof, and the girl has to write a note." When he finished speaking,Automated warehouse systems, he untied a small yellow bundle from his waist. When he opened the bundle, it was a white silk account book and a brush and inkstone. Cold-faced iron pen Du Jiu, spread out the account book, put the brush and inkstone, grabbed a handful of snow, held it in his hand, and in the blink of an eye, the snow in his hand turned into a little bit of thunder water and dripped into the inkstone. On the eighth day of the Shang Dynasty, Yue Xiaochai laughed and said, "a man can't stand without faith. Your mother has a long sword in her hand. Who doesn't admire her in Jianghu? She was born in a famous family. She must be as good as gold. We don't doubt every word she says.." Yue Xiaochai raised her eyebrows and said, "I've never seen the'Key to the Forbidden Palace. 'It's not a lie. It's impossible for you not to believe it." "I've already told you," said Shang Ba, "that you'll believe anything a girl says." "" If you believe me, "said Yue Xiaochai," then why do you want to ask more questions? " Shang Ba answered, "The'Key to the Forbidden Palace 'is not on the girl, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, but it is kept by your mother.." "" My mother is already dead, "said Yue Xiaochai. "I believe that too," said Shang Ba. With a slight pause in his voice, he burst out laughing and said, "As long as the girl writes down a sum in our brother's account book, our deal will be finalized." Holding the inkstone in his hand and the account book in his right hand, Du Jiu, a cold-faced iron pen, answered coldly, "The two ghosts of the kamikaze gang in front of the altar leader have suffered a lot. They will never stop here. They will surely lead the masters of the kamikaze gang to come here. At this moment, an inch of Yin is like gold. The girl had better not waste any more time." Yue Xiaochai glanced at the account book and said, "How can I put pen to paper?" The golden abacus Shang Ba replied with a smile on his face and said, "It's very simple. I'll dictate it. The girl will write it down with a pen." Yue Xiaochai smiled coldly and picked up the brush. Gold abacus Shang Ba slightly hesitated, and then said in a loud voice, "Yue Xiaochai, who owes money on credit, now promises to give my mother the'key to the Forbidden Palace '.." Just as Yue Xiaochai was about to write, she suddenly stopped and said, "Wait a minute.". ” "What's wrong?" Asked Shang Ba. "I've written down this debt, as you said," said Yue Xiaochai. "What price do you have to pay?" Shang Ba said with a smile, "I won't let the girl suffer losses. I'll have a thousand taels of gold, a hundred bolts of brocade, ten pearls, and a precious blade that cuts iron like mud. I'll be responsible for seeing the girl and your brother off safely from the dangerous place." Yue Xiaochai said, "Countless martial arts masters in the world, including the Shaolin and Wudang sects, are against me for no reason. They follow the fighters like shadows. Although the world is big, there is no place for me to stand." "Don't worry about Gu Lang," said Shang Ba. "Countless martial arts masters have been tracking down the girl for the sake of the'Key to the Forbidden Palace '. If the key to the Forbidden Palace has been kept by our brothers, the girl will not be in trouble again after the news comes out. "What if you two can't get the key to the Forbidden Palace?" Asked Yue Xiaochai. Du Jiu, a cold-faced iron pen, answered slowly, "Our brothers have investigated openly and secretly. They have already investigated very clearly. The'key to the Forbidden Palace 'has indeed been obtained by your mother. Unless the girl intentionally delays and breaks the contract, there is no reason why she can't get it." Shang Ba answered, "This thing is related to the fate of several great sects and countless masters in the martial arts world. It is really harmful for the girl to keep it." When Xiao Ling heard this, she couldn't help saying, "Since the key to the Forbidden Palace is harmful, why did you force my sister to give it to you?" Shang Ba glanced at Xiao Ling and said with a smile, "It's not a gift, little brother. We paid a great price to buy it.." Du Jiu answered coldly, "Miss Yue, it's getting late. Please write with a stroke of your pen." Yue Xiaochai glared at Du Jiu and said, "Although I'm a woman, I can't say anything, but I have to make it clear before I write." "Of course," said Shang Ba. "If you have any other advice, just say so. I'm all ears, brother." "" I can write down this debt, "said Yue Xiaochai," but there are two conditions. "What are the conditions?" Asked Shang Ba. "First," said Yue Xiaochai, "if the two of you have made a mistake and the'key to the Forbidden Palace 'is not on my mother,push back racking system, then this account will be written off." Shang Ba Lue hesitated and said, "As long as the girl doesn't swallow up the concealment, we'll recognize her.". Please say the second condition. kingmoreracking.com

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At this moment, the spirits of Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng and Qinglan almost collapsed, their spirits almost died, and their vital signs almost stopped running. Because, behind them, there are inexplicable fluctuations, there is really some kind of existence concerned about here. After they recovered, the moment they looked back, they faintly saw their eyes, which were bigger than the planet,fine bubble diffuser, dim and slowly close in the infinite distance. Three people are scary! At this time, the largest warship in the mechanical army flew out of an animal skin roll, which was the result of the clan's analysis for so many days.