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Unlimited transfer Full-time Job

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Soon, the tiger demon had no ability to resist. Around the small demon want to come up, but there are two levels close to 500 pets guarding, and the attack of Yin Yang son is also very strong, these small demon Leng is no way to effectively rescue the tiger demon. Only a few Thunder Skyhawks sprayed a few lightning bolts with limited damage in the air, but they had little effect. When Yin Yang Zi cut off the head of the tiger demon with his last deadly throw, nearly a hundred monsters had died under the claws of two pets, including three five-tailed foxes. Such a record is the first time for Yin Yang Zi. Break into the monster camp alone, after killing the leader of the other side. It hasn't taken much of a hit. Although he did not take the head of a general in a million troops to such an extent, he was really worthy of his pride. In the current world ranking list, the highest is only 532 (Tiandizi has been removed from the list), and Yinyangzi is fully confident of defeating the first person in the ranking list. As for China's ranking list, it is better to leave it to me. (It should be added here that players have the right to decide whether or not to display their names on the ranking list. In addition to some guilds to fight for fame, there are quite a few players who do not disclose their level, especially assassins and other professions. After killing the two-headed tiger demon, Yinyangzi rushed out of the monster camp with two pets, and halfway killed half a team of wolves and dozens of stone roaring warriors. For Yin Yang Zi, the fighting power of these monsters is really not worth mentioning. In the city, of course, the tough cattle received the announcement of the system. He and a group of cadres looked at each other in surprise for a long time before saying: "It seems that we have met a real master!" " "Yeah, I don't know who's better, him or the one on the ranking list?" "Of course it's a terrible bite!"! He is the first person in China! Che, how do you know? Have you seen it yourself? "Stop talking,turmeric extract powder, stop talking, the master is back!" "Master!"! Master! A crowd of players watched Yin Yang Zi run back with an imposing white familiar and shouted one after another. Sometimes people are so strange, perhaps snobbish, in short, one moment they are full of hostility to Yin Yang Zi, but when Yin Yang Zi shows superhuman fighting power, these players immediately turn to Yin Yang Zi. At first, the tough cow watched Yinyangzi rush out with a dark blue monster, but this time he came back with a white pet, and his doubts about Yinyangzi deepened. The tough cow was engaged in intelligence work in the previous guild, and he knew a lot about the senior players. Players like Onmyoji should not be unknown! Wait! Look at that white familiar.. Could it be the dragon lion on the pet list?!! Until the game opens the super thousand level system, the dragon tail lion has been dominating the throne of the first pet! It wasn't until earlier today that the No.1 spot was taken by a pet called the Spiked Whistling Bone Dragon! Is it the pet? The tough bull guessed. Yin Yang Zi took back Moloya and flew up the wall with the suspension effect of the suit. And you are The tough cow looked at Yin Yang Zi and felt vaguely in his mind that there seemed to be some information that could match Yin Yang Zi's present appearance. I'm just a member of the killing organization. If you have a task in the future, akba boswellic acid ,jujube seed powder, you can come to me. Yin Yang Zi still has a cold face. When the players around looked at Yin Yang Zi again, their expressions were already full of respect. "All right," roared the brawny bull, "get ready!"! Meet us in battle! "Good!" (To be continued. If you want to know how things are going, please log in. More chapters. Support the author, support genuine reading!) Chapter 7 Longxiang Offensive Chapter 7 Longxiang Offensive There is nothing particularly intense about the monster siege. (-) Onmyoji led a group of elite players in the city and killed all the leading monsters. The rest of the players are launched to defend the city equipment attack, without the dispatch of the leader monster, the siege side is completely disorderly in the battle, such a battle can play the power can be imagined. The tough cow wanted to lead the crowd to kill, but he was afraid that the unified guild would take this opportunity to launch a sudden attack, so he had to defend on the wall. Yin Yang Zi killed for a while and found that the monsters did not have much oil and water to get, so he returned to the wall. Tough ox sees Yin Yang son went up city wall, say to Yin Yang son then: "Brother, you press an array here, I go down to rush to kill a while! I go down to rush to kill a while!" After saying that, the tough cow was about to go down from the wall, and Yinyangzi suddenly remembered that he had come here to upgrade the spiky bone dragon, so he summoned the spiky bone dragon. When I killed those leading monsters just now, I also got a little experience, but because I didn't fight in person, I didn't get much experience, only more than 50 levels. Onmyoji threw the dragon, which was the size of a wolf, into the arms of the fierce cow and said, "Take it with you." "What is this?" The tough cow looked at the spiky dragon sleeping in his arms, not knowing that he was now holding the spiky dragon at the top of the pet list. This little guy still has wings. Is it a western dragon? The tough bull guessed, "But so small.". What fighting power can it have? With doubts, the tough bull went down the wall and went out through the gate. Just out of the city, a fireball flew head-on, just hit the breastplate of the tough cow. The tough cow didn't feel anything, but the sharp bone dragon was burned by the fireball, the little guy was asleep, suddenly burned, immediately very unhappy to open his eyes, very dissatisfied with the eyes on the tough cow. The fierce ox is not in the mood to flirt with the spiky dragon at the moment, because a stone roaring warrior who is climbing the wall has been lifted down by the player on the wall, and is now holding his weapon to cut the fierce ox. The fierce bull, of course,stesweet stevia, jumped back in a hurry and drew out his weapon at the same time, but in this way, there was no one to hold the spiky dragon. The Spiked Roaring Bone Dragon was only level 50 and had not yet learned to fly. It stayed in midair for a while and then fell to the ground. prius-biotech.com

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