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Tomorrow I will be reborn. Full-time Job

2022-11-01 12:22   Security & Safety   Adiwerna   108 views
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She was a little worried. She glanced at him carefully again and then said, "Let's not talk about this first. I still think you are very fierce. You are always very fierce." "Am I very fierce?" "Yes!" She accused in a low voice and looked at his cold eyes: "You see you are very fierce now." yuan Xun twitched slightly at the corners of his mouth and did not speak. Tong Yao sighed, "Can we stop talking about this?" This topic is too heavy. It was like picking a lion's teeth in front of a man like him who could not figure it out. He annoyed her, she relied on a moment of courage, but also dare to jump up and make trouble, now calm, she did not have the courage. yuan Xun has not spoken, cold and hard face is painted with a touch of silver by the moonlight, handsome and resolute, but with a trace of hazy tenderness, is a man that women will put into their hearts at a glance. Tong Yao had no choice but to take a breath, thinking that this man was actually very good, but he was not lucky after all. She looked down at his hand, which was still wrapped in white gauze. Your wound.. How's it going? "It's all right outside." "Outside?" Is this wound divided into inside and outside? "It's not ready yet." "Then.." Will it be all right after a while? She felt guilty, after all, biting this kind of thing, it is also the first time to do ah, always hope that the victim will be better as soon as possible. I can't. Under the moonlight, he took a deep breath of his cigarette and said, "I'll never get better." When he said that he would never get better, his tone seemed a little sad. Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and she looked up at the pale moonlight to see the look on his face, but he said roughly, "Stop talking and go to sleep." He said so, and she didn't dare to say anything. Who knew that after he lay down with his back to her, he suddenly said, "If you feel bored at home, I'll ask Chen Siqi to come and accompany you." Tong Yao's eyes brightened and she nodded hurriedly: "Good." After the "good" went out, the people in front of him did not move for a long time. She hesitated, but whispered, "Thank you, brother Hoon." yuan Xun has made concessions to himself, of course,automated warehouse systems, he may have made up his mind to divorce, and he has relaxed his supervision. But yuan Xiu couldn't come back from the old house for a while. As if to make up for it, he really had to let Chen Siqi come and accompany him. Tong Yao is a do not like to move, sitting in the house for a day can be, but Chen Siqi is some hold back, said the scenery in the mountains outside is good, to take Tong Yao to climb the mountain. Mountaineering? Only then did Tong Yao discover that she had lived in this hillside villa for several years and had not yet had the idea of climbing the mountain. She looked at the green hills in the distance almost every day, but she never thought of going out. Go to negotiate with yuan Xun. If he doesn't let you go out, you will make trouble! Do you know how to make trouble? I just act shamelessly and sit on the ground crying, pulling my trouser legs and humming and not letting go! According to Chen Siqi, the original Xun raised his wife, is simply raising a daughter, then Tong Yao should use to deal with his father as if to deal with him. Tong Yao listened with her eyes wide open. She imagined herself pulling yuan Xun's trouser legs, and then yuan Xun looked at herself with a black face and shook her head: "." Let's forget it. "You can't forget it. You have to fight for it. Otherwise, what should we do? You see, you can be bored. I can't be bored.". Now yuan Xun has asked me to teach you to work here for a week, metal racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and I can't go out! "Good Yaoyao, just take pity on me.." said Chen Siqi. Tong Yao surprised slightly red lips, she did not expect the original Chen Siqi was asked to come over, she must be full of grievances in her heart? She lowered her head apologetically. "I'm sorry, Siqi. Maybe I got you into trouble." "You don't have to say sorry, you go to yuan Xun to fight for it, don't say he's just your husband, and he's a husband who's about to divorce, even if it's your father, you have to learn to resist, right?" This is really too reasonable, Tong Yao himself reflected on the next, or have to resist. If she did not resist, did not fight, did not bite the flesh on his arm, how could he easily agree to divorce? "Well, Siqi, I'll listen to you." For the sake of Siqi, she will also go to him to argue. Go on, go on! Chen Siqi smiled encouragingly, just short of pushing Tong Yao directly. So that day, when yuan Xun came back from work in the evening, Tong Yao summoned up the courage to knock on the door of his study. Since Chen Siqi came over, yuan Xun stopped pestering her. Maybe it's also the thought of divorce. Calm down with each other first? "Please come in." A man's steady voice came from inside. It's me She pushed the door open. Before being encouraged by Chen Siqi, she was full of fighting spirit, who knows to hear the man's voice, suddenly soft down. yuan Xun raised his head and saw her appear quietly from behind the door like a little rabbit, looking at her carefully with a pair of bright eyes. Or a little rabbit who came to pay homage to the tiger king. yuan Xun continued to lower his head quietly, looking at the screen, frowning and meditating, and then his long fingers tapped the keyboard vigorously, looking very busy. He was so absorbed in his work that she was naturally embarrassed to disturb him, so she bowed her head and stood aside obediently, thinking that when he was over, she would go and talk. Who knew that he was staring at the screen, frowning and meditating, his eyebrows relaxing, his fingers flying on the keyboard, and his chin on his hand pursing his lips, looking clearly immersed in his work. Now she was even more difficult to disturb, and could only stand aside dryly. So waiting and waiting, watching waiting for half an hour, she stood a little numb, had to remind in a low voice: "yuan Xun..." Who knows, as if he didn't hear it at all, he continued to tap something on the keyboard, and the crackling sound was particularly clear in the quiet study. No way, behind her is Chen Siqi's earnest eyes and hope, she can not bear to let Chen Siqi grievance, can only crustily skin of head, stepped forward, whispered softly called a sentence: "Xun brother..." Originally thought, if yuan Xun still did not answer,industrial racking systems, what should she do, who knows that after saying this, he looked up at her. kingmoreracking.com

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At this moment, the spirits of Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng and Qinglan almost collapsed, their spirits almost died, and their vital signs almost stopped running. Because, behind them, there are inexplicable fluctuations, there is really some kind of existence concerned about here. After they recovered, the moment they looked back, they faintly saw their eyes, which were bigger than the planet,fine bubble diffuser, dim and slowly close in the infinite distance. Three people are scary! At this time, the largest warship in the mechanical army flew out of an animal skin roll, which was the result of the clan's analysis for so many days.