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The Phantom of the Other World Full-time Job

2022-11-07 12:54   Independent & Freelance   Caringin   126 views
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Uncle Ge took out the return air of Yi Feng's configuration in his bosom and dripped it into his mouth. He felt the air flow slowly rising in his lower abdomen replenishing the fighting air that had just been consumed, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. He really didn't dare to fight with the beast any more. Thinking of this, he could not help glancing at Yi Feng standing in the distance with a smile. You two stay away. Otherwise, I can't protect you. Qinger, you attack the seven inches of its lower abdomen, and I will attract his attention. Uncle Ge ordered quickly. The two Aohuo brothers blushed slightly, but they also knew that they and others could only become a burden, so they retreated to the back. When Yi Feng heard Uncle Ge's command, he opened his eyes wide and looked straight at Qinger. He didn't find much strength on him. Uncle Ge.. I see. With that, the knot on the hand of the pretty Qinger was constantly changing. Soon, in Yi Feng's confused eyes, a white light slowly separated from his body. The art of separation. Yi Feng looked at the eyes in horror, he could not believe looking at the front: two sixteen-year-old girls standing in their own line of sight. The same white as snow skin, the same delicate and lovely, the same eye-catching fresh, just like the pearl to fade the dust. Yi Feng stayed where he was. In front of the two Qinger, let him have to believe. What Qinger uses is the legendary Fen Shen. The art of separation. With the help of fighting spirit, we can separate the Fen Shen whose strength is no less than that of the body. And because the doppelganger is energy, it is not injured at all. So,collapsible pallet bin, as long as the body soul power can support, Fen Shen has not been scattered, he can always attack. The art of separation is so strong. However, few of them can practice. As long as it is demanding and unpresentable, first of all, the original soul can be separated. This alone has deterred countless people. Everyone's soul is complete, and it is almost impossible to separate it. Generally speaking,collapsible pallet box, people who can separate their souls are dead. Secondly, Fen Shen must be a pure attribute. A person, in general, has more or less the attributes of the five elements. However, people with pure attributes have only one of the five elements. As a result, people with pure attributes practice tens of times as much as ordinary people. Yi Feng shook his head with a wry smile. No wonder he was only sixteen years old. You will be trained to the human level. With her pure attributes, Only then did he reach the human level. It means that she is often lazy. Yi Feng looked up and down at Qinger's slightly mature body, and a wave of jealousy rose in his heart. Fen Shen, the higher the listening level, the more Fen Shen will be separated. Tut-tut, that is equivalent to the strength of more than several times. A division level, even against the general level is also possible. It turned out that Yi Feng, who still had a sense of superiority, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet price, disappeared completely after seeing Qinger's separation. He also remembered the old man's words: "The world is very big, very magical.". You can't see the edge of the big one, and the magic one can make you unable to bear suicide. Qinger, remember, it's seven inches. After Uncle Ge finished, he brandished his epee and slashed the green snake again. Yi Feng did not look at Uncle Ge's fight, but turned his head to Qinger, for the old man's praise of the split, he also wanted to seriously see the next. Fen Shen is better than the noumenon. Tut-tut, how awesome it would be if I learned it by myself. Unfortunately, although their original soul is strong, but can not be separated. Qinger makes a move Chapter ninety-two fine son hand Cuiqing Demon Snake saw the human in front of him cut down again, and the huge snake letter spat briskly, making a hissing sound, which made the hearts of the two brothers of Aohuo tense up. One by one, they looked at Uncle Ge with great concern. The ferocity in the eyes of the green snake made their legs tremble. Don't worry! They'll be fine! At the same time as the two of them were secretly anxious, a pair of slender arms clapped them on the shoulder and whispered with laughter. But it made the timidity in the hearts of the two people a little less. Yi Feng?! Ao Huo turned his head and saw Yi Feng with a smile on his face. He was surprised and said, It is reasonable to say that as a doctor, he saw such a powerful Warcraft as Cuiqing Demon Snake. He was already trembling with fear, but he seemed to have nothing to do with it. Aren't you afraid? Ao Shui looked at Yi Feng strangely and couldn't help asking. Is his concentration really so good? To be able to talk and laugh so freely. Yi Feng smiled and ignored the two Aohuo brothers, but turned his attention to the battlefield. Cuiqing Demon Snake is strong, but Uncle Ge and Qinger are not vegetarian. Know the weakness of the green magic snake, or have the strength to fight. Uncle Ge brandished his epee, sending out a flaming red light, and each attack went straight into the eyes of the green snake. But every time, it was blocked by its huge tail. And in another set of fine son, and did not start, has been watching the fight. Ah Uncle Ge suddenly gave a loud cry, and the epee in his hand burst into a dazzling red light. The epee formed a moon-sized arc, which formed a sickle shape, and the sharpness of it could be felt faintly. Moon Order Low Level Martial Arts-Sickle Chop! Uncle Ge shouted loudly, and the heavy sword in his hand, like a sharp arrow off the string, cut the green snake mercilessly. Powerful force, sliding through a half-moon arc in the void, oppressing the air to form a hurricane. You can even hear the crackling sound of being baked by the heat wave above the epee. The momentum of a sword, let the green magic snake toward the back of the fast swim for a while. The powerful body scattered the rubble on the ground everywhere. However, Uncle Ge did not give him a chance to dodge. The movement of his feet was not slow at all, and he soon caught up. The green magic snake, who could not hide, gave a loud roar, and the two ferocious snake eyes were even more manic. The wagging tail immediately condensed the white energy, and the cold air emitted from it actually made it a thick layer of frost on its body. Bastard,ibc spill pallet, go to hell. Uncle Ge roared loudly, and the movement at his feet was so fierce that he tried to chop his head over the tail of the green snake. But just as he was about to cross, the huge tail of the green snake swept over. 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