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The heroine is the villain [wear quickly]. Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:08   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   75 views
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At that moment, however, there was a sudden sound of a truck rolling across the road in the distance. Shen Li raised his eyes and hurriedly said to Qin Zhiyi, "Run!"! Someone's coming! I'll go! Just as Shen Li was about to start, a voice came from the truck behind him. Don't be afraid of your compatriots over there! We are B base, just after this side of the mission, heard the sad news of the fall of this side, now come to the rescue! Shen Li hesitated. Just then, Qin Zhiyi lowered his head and said to him, "It's too late to run now.". If they ask, I'm your sister, and it was a member of another team who set the fire just now, and we were just saved by others. Hide the biscuit on your body, hide a little all over your body, and stuff the crystal nucleus into your pants. Crotch ” Shen Li: ".." Can he really afford to have such a sister in his destiny? After Qin Zhiyi finished explaining to him, he stuffed the iron bar in his hand into Shen Li's hand by the way, and then put on a fragile posture to hide behind him. Shen Li took a deep breath and grasped the iron bar in his hand more tightly. Just then, the truck came to a slow stop. A teenager poked his head out of the passenger seat. "You get in the car first and talk to us." Qin Zhiyi noticed that the truck was followed by a motorcycle. The man above was wearing a windbreaker and carrying a long knife with a bandage on his back. Through the helmet, Qin Zhiyi looked at him. Staggered his eyes carelessly. Then she followed Shen Li into the car. In addition to the teenager in the co-driver's seat, there was a young woman in the main driver's seat,metal cosmetic tubes, and a girl with a double ponytail was sitting behind her. How weird it looks. The girl with a double ponytail saw them and said with a smile, "Are you hurt?" The only thing that comforts people now is that even if they are scratched by zombies, they will not be infected, so it is equivalent to that zombies have no ability to reproduce. In this regard, many people are very optimistic that zombies will be killed by humans one day. Qin Zhiyi hid behind Shen Li. She grabbed Shen Li's sleeve and looked very timid. "No." Shen Li, who was in front of her, felt goose bumps all over her body,pump tube, but said with a smile, "We were lucky to meet a fierce team who saved us." The double ponytail girl smiled and said, "You don't have to be nervous. My name is Cheng Xiaoxiao. I'm a member of the B base. My power is healing." Said, she continued, "the main seat's sister's name is Angelica dahurica, is a very powerful sniper, the co-pilot is Chen Nian." The teenager on the copilot immediately came forward and blocked Cheng Xiaoxiao's mouth, then turned his head and looked at Qin Zhiyi with a smile, "She's a little familiar, don't mind." Shen Li twitched the corners of his mouth slightly. To two strangers of unknown origin so warmly exposed, this can not be said to be naturally familiar, this is not a fool. When he thought so, the opposite Cheng Xiaoxiao showed a smile to himself, his eyes curved, tube lip gloss ,cosmetic plastic tube, smiling into a crescent shape. Hungry, no, I have cookies here. With these words, Cheng Xiaoxiao pulled out a big yellow bag. At that moment, the car shook. Cheng Xiaoxiao did not hold the bag steady, and all the compressed biscuits inside rolled out. Shen Ligan stared at the mountain of compressed biscuits, and then silently felt the few small biscuits distributed all over his body. He suddenly felt bitter in his heart. Bitter, bitter, bitter. Not only he, but also Qin Zhiyi behind him silently withdrew his eyes. When Chen Nian saw their reaction, he just smiled and continued to introduce, "The man riding a motorcycle outside is also one of us. His name is Lin Shengyu. We all call him Brother Yu." Qin Zhiyi glanced at the motorcycle speeding with the truck outside, then rubbed his chin slightly. Where are you going? Qin Zhiyi raised his head and asked. Chen Nian was stunned, turned his eyes to Qin Zhiyi and said with a smile, "Little sister, we are going to do the task, and when the task is completed, we will take you back to the base." Say that finish, one side of Cheng Xiaoxiao then grasped Qin Zhiyi's hands, eyes sparkling, "you can rest assured, sister, we will protect you.". The people in the base are very easy to get along with. When you get there, if you can cook, you can go to the kitchen to help, and if you can't do anything, you can help clean up. Qin Zhiyi was stupefied for a moment, and then smiled very cleverly: "Ah, good." Shen Li: ".." Little, sister, sister? I don't know whether to say MMP or not. He calmed his breath slightly, silently thinking that these people who were deceived by the appearance would not think so when they saw Qin Zhiyi release a fire higher than a house in the future, or when they saw her knock on the skull of the zombies directly one by one with an iron bar, and then stir the crystal nucleus with her hands. He imagined the reaction of these people behind him, and began to laugh, and then the smile on his face suddenly froze, just because Qin Zhiyi pinched the flesh on his shoulder from behind. Qin Zhiyi pinched Shen Li with a smile and continued to ask: "What task are you going to do?" Angelica dahurica listened and looked back at her. Qin Zhiyi smiled at her. Cheng Xiaoxiao immediately said, "We are going to pick up important researchers from the country. I heard that they have found a way to successfully grow plants on polluted land!" She laughed and said, "Earth powers are precious, so there are few things to grow, but now we just need to take the researchers back to the base, and everyone can eat!" Qin Zhiyi raised his eyebrows: "Is there such a good thing?" Chen Nian in the co-driver's seat sighed, "Of course it's not so easy, because the A base also sent people there." Qin Zhiyi's eyes suddenly brightened: "Base A?" Isn't this the base where her brother Qin Yang and her cheap boyfriend Meng Chengli went? Chen Nian continued with some dejection, "I don't know if I can recapture the researchers from Base A. After all,plastic packaging tube, Base A is much more powerful than our base. When the time comes.." Qin Zhiyi suddenly raised his head, "no, they will go with you." emptycosmetictubes.com

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