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Summer of Bubbles 3 Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:02   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   80 views
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How can it be cold when you let me and my brother-in-law dress like polar bears? Sister, you touch my hand, and it's sweating! Yin Cheng stretched out his hand to her coquettishly, and sure enough, his fingers were hot and his palms were warm and sweaty. When you sweat, you should be more careful to catch a cold and not be blown by the cold wind. She pulled up the blanket, draped it over Yin Cheng's shoulder, wrapped him up, and then looked at Ou Chen, who was turning off his laptop, and whispered, "Are you still dealing with the company?" "Just look at it occasionally." The concern and worry in her eyes made Ou Chen feel like a warm current flowing through her heart. Since the operation, she has been taking care of him carefully, cooking his favorite food and walking with him every day. Even after Yin Cheng was transferred from the intensive care unit, she never neglected him while taking care of Yin Cheng. Even the scarf.. She also knitted one for him and Yin Cheng at the same time. Ou Chen unconsciously touched the dark green wool scarf on his neck. When she knitted it stitch by stitch in the ward, he thought it was for Yin Cheng. He thought Yin Cheng was always the only one in her heart. But she gave it to him. "Don't make yourself too tired,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl," she said softly. There was no command in her tone. There was still only concern. "Your body needs a period of recuperation." "Good." Ou Chen moved his eyes away from her face. He stood up and closed his laptop, but Yin Xiamo reached out to help him hold it and said: "I'll get it for you." Without waiting for Ou Chen to react, she had already taken the laptop from his hand, looking naturally as if it were a normal action of a wife. You, the most important task is to eat and rest, other stupid things are left to me,stainless steel toilet, "her smile is as bright as sunshine," remember to eat more at noon today! " The table was full of steaming hot food. Especially from a casserole diffuse out of the aroma is more attractive, and light not greasy, Yin Cheng curiously wrinkled nose, smell, said: "It smells good. What is it?" "It's pigeon soup." Yin Xiamo filled a bowl with a spoon and put it in front of Ou Chen. Then he filled a bowl for Xiao Cheng and said, "You've done it before. How can you not smell it?" "It must be my sister's practice is different, so it smells surprisingly good." Yin Cheng quickly took a sip with a small spoon and praised it repeatedly. "Ah, it's delicious! The pigeon soup made by my sister is really delicious! "Well.." Yin Xiamo also tasted it carefully and frowned. No, it's not as good as what you used to make. There seems to be something wrong. But I used the way you used to make pigeon soup, how could. "No!"! It's delicious! Yin Cheng protested. It's delicious. Ou Chen said quietly, drinking intently the bowl of soup that Xia Mosheng had given him. Sister, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, you see that's what my brother-in-law said. Yin Cheng looked at Ou Chen and smiled, looking at her sister still slightly frowning and thinking, and said, "Sister, maybe it's because of the casserole.". The casserole at home has been used for many years, and the soup from it has a familiar taste. But although there is no familiar taste, today's soup is still very delicious! Previous page [Section 107] Summer of Bubbles III chapter 10 (3) "Well," Yin Xiamo smiled and shook his head. "No wonder I always feel like I'm missing something. It's a pity that I didn't bring out the casserole at home." Ou Chen stared at her silently, and when she looked over, he lowered his eyes and avoided her. A piece of fish was placed on a plate in front of him, and her words floated in his ears: "Pigeon soup is very helpful for the healing of surgical wounds, but fish should also be eaten a little more, nutritious and low cholesterol." "Sister, you're going to be a nutritionist." Yin Cheng joked. Yeah, I'm working on that. Yin Xiamo also gave Xiao Cheng a piece of fish and said with a bright smile, "I will be a very good nutritionist in the future and take care of your body very well." "That.." Yin Cheng hesitated for a moment, "aren't you going back to the entertainment industry?" "I'm not going back." She answered calmly. Yin Cheng looked at her in amazement. Why Ou Chen's voice was deep, "you always wanted it before." "Now I just want a family to live together healthily and happily." Yin Xiamo smiled and filled a bowl of soup for Xiao Cheng. "I cook for you every day and watch your body get better day by day. I'm already very happy. Hehe, even if there is a tiger in the entertainment circle, I can't catch it back." "Sister." Yin Cheng's eyes were a little red, and Yin Xiamo reached out and rubbed his hair gently, saying: "Eat quickly, it won't taste good if it gets cold." After lunch, Yin Cheng went back to his bedroom to rest. Ou Chen walked down the stairs, Shen butler carrying a laptop behind him, when passing the terrace, Ou Chen slowly stopped. In the golden warm sunshine. Yin Xiamo is sitting on a rattan chair, bowing her head to knit a scarf, which is thick and long, as green as a forest, and the sunshine shines all over her body, which is unusually peaceful and tranquil. It was not until she moved her shoulders slightly and raised her head that Ou Chen woke up from staring at her in a trance. You Are you knitting a scarf again? Ou Chen awkwardly tried to cover up his gaffe. Yes, it will be winter after a while. "She smiled clearly, as if his appearance was as natural as the blue sky and white clouds." You and Xiao Cheng's scarf may be a little thin, so you want to start knitting early. " "You have been ill for so long before the operation, and you have been tired after the operation. You can buy a scarf if it is not warm enough. You should pay attention to your rest." Ou Chen stared at her. Knitting a scarf is not really tiring. Well, but you can rest assured that I will pay attention to rest,stainless steel shower tray, because I want to have enough physical strength to take care of you. She said with a smile, then noticed that he was not wearing a thick sweater as she usually told him to, but a black suit when he used to go to the company. "Are you going out?" "The board meeting of the group must be attended in the afternoon." cnkexin.com

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