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Six o'clock light is pretty Full-time Job

2022-11-01 12:29   Banking   Adiwerna   126 views
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Shen Mei clapped her hands and took Mayor Shen home. "It's all right!"! I'll be happy to see her off! Come and hold the baby. The pig likes you to hold her recently. Zhou's father's guidance was very effective, and Mayor Shen held the baby in a decent way. Chen Jingming did not come back from the grass-roots level that day. The next day, Xiao Zhao made a special trip to reply. She went home by train in the middle of the night. The police would watch her. Mayor Shen is actually very protective, although this matter said Shen Mei two temper is too quick, but still told her, Chen Jingming came back to let him talk to him, afraid of Chen Jingming Sheng Shen Mei's anger. Shen Mei had a well-thought-out plan and curled her lips with Zhou Xiaoan. "How dare he be angry with me?"? I'm protecting his daughter! But the next afternoon Chen Jingming came back from the grass-roots level and did not go home, Shen Mei was a little uncertain, "Xiao An, you said he would not really be so confused, angry with me?"? If he dares to do this, I won't punish him! When Chen Jingming did not come back in the evening, he just asked the orderly to take a message, saying that he had an urgent task and left again. Shen Mei could not sit still. "Is he really angry?"? He dares! Zhou Xiaoan sighed, "Xiao Mei, don't be so cheap!"! You have kicked out his relatives. What can you do to coax him? When two people live together, you can't be the best in everything, can you? You must make him feel comfortable, too! Shen Mei thought, "wait until he comes back tomorrow." The tone has been somewhat relaxed. Chen Jingming came back the next afternoon,brushed stainless steel sheet, but he still didn't go home directly! Shen Mei waited for two hours, pulled Zhou Xiaoan out of Shen Yuehai's dormitory, and they stood together on the playground of the military sub-district waiting. After waiting for two minutes, suddenly a small soldier's strong Henan accent came from the loudspeaker in the compound of the military sub-district. "The following broadcast: Chief of Staff Chen Jingming, Chief of Staff Chen Jingming, Comrade Shen Mei asks you, ask you, will you go home for dinner tonight?"! Comrade Shen Mei asked you if you would go home for dinner tonight. The little soldier made more than a dozen turns in one sentence. He was very serious and full of local flavor. As soon as he said the beginning,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, everyone laughed. When he finished broadcasting and understood the content of the broadcast, all the people in the military sub-district burst into laughter. Chen Jingming, who was explaining the theme in the combat staff room, had a rare blush on his face and finally laughed with everyone. Shen Mei pulled Zhou Xiaoan to wait outside the military sub-district building for less than ten minutes, and Chen Jingming came out as expected. The colleagues he met either smiled at him ambiguously or joked with him, "Comrade Chen Jingming, will you go home for dinner today?" Don't mention how much Henan flavor is! Zhou Xiaoan saw that he was not angry, and quickly ran away with a smile, not to make a light bulb for them. With a nifty bag on her back, Shen Mei threw it on her back and proudly raised her chin. "Chen Jingming, will you go home for dinner today?" Chen Jingming's face was tired of working all night, but her eyes were unusually bright, "I won't go home today." See Shen Mei eyes a stare, a smile out, 304 stainless steel wire ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, very handsome, "let's go out to eat today!" Chapter 762 talent (add more ~ ask for tickets ~) After all this trouble, Shen Mei and Chen Jingming mixed the oil in the honey. Zhou Xiaoan asked Shen Yuehai secretly, "is Chen Jingming really too busy to go home?" She always thinks this guy did it on purpose! Shen Yuehai did not answer her directly, "Jing Ming did not have much contact with this cousin when she was a child, but a few years ago she had a difficult life, wrote to Jing Ming for help, Jing Ming also sent money to help her." Zhou Xiaoan turned his eyes a few times and suddenly sighed, "Chen Jingming, this fox!" Shen Yuehai laughed and could not help hugging her and kissing her, "You are a little fox!" Look simple and naive, in fact, everything can be seen clearly! Chen Jingming and this big cousin may not have any feelings, if he is at home, in order to make a statement with Shen Mei, will certainly find a way to pay for food, hurriedly send this big cousin away. But coincidentally, he is not at home, the eldest cousin does not know the cause and effect, take out the eldest sister-in-law's style, Shen Mei's hot temper certainly will not allow her! It's polite to be sent away directly! Shen Mei and his own father can move the master of the kitchen knife, in order to protect her daughter, it is not surprising that she was so angry that she opened the ladle for her cousin. If Chen Jingming meets, he must fully support Shen Mei. But if he knew about it afterwards, how to make a statement would be a test of emotional intelligence. He did not go home by working for two days, without saying anything, Shen Meixian himself had no idea. Although he used an idea that made people laugh and cry, he finally coaxed him. And Shen Mei felt that she had gone too far this time, and that if there were any family conflicts in the future, she would certainly leave some leeway for Chen Jingming. The most important thing is, small pepper to coax people, this is a rare thing ah! And such a spicy way, many men may not dare to think about it all their lives! Chen Jingming does not have to personally see off the big cousin, finally also inside the face all occupied, how to say this matter is he took advantage of. What a sly fox! However, from Shen Yuehai's words, we can understand that these winding Zhou Xiaoan is also smart enough. Shen Yuehai sometimes looked at Zhou Xiaoan, unconsciously can see the past, how can she be so smart? How did she come to look like this? It's so wonderful! The magic of creation seemed to be concentrated on her, so that he often looked at her and held her in his arms. The feeling of cherishing her too much and even worrying about gains and losses really hurt his heart. But what happened next, really can not use smart to describe Zhou Xiaoan, she almost became a genius in the eyes of all insiders. Things have to start with the steelmaking equipment being installed in the factory. Zhang Gong took all the technicians to install the equipment with foreign engineers, of course, the main purpose is to learn and progress, and to grasp the technical autonomy in our own hands. Now the country has not been so friendly with the big brother of the Soviet Union, many large-scale projects that rely entirely on others in technology have been forced to stop production,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, learn from the bitter experience, only when they learn to have confidence! This is the consensus that Zhou Xiaoan encouraged Director Liu and Zhang Gong, and the technicians of the whole factory finally reached. sxthsteel.com

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The little princess had woken up and was grabbing her skirt for milk. Nian Min wants to cry, my daughter! Your mother, I almost sold you! On the same day, Yongzheng issued a secret decree to the Department of Sticky Pole: he ordered three bodyguards of the Department of Sticky Pole, who were proficient in Mongolian customs, to sneak into the command of Qarhan Doljitaiji,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, to monitor his every move, and to report regularly without any omission. The secret decree also specifically emphasized that we must pay attention to the situation in Qarhan's backyard! The leader of the Sticky Pole Department received the secret decree, wondering in his heart: "Is this Char Khan also corrupt and bribe-taking?"? It doesn't look like it! Shake your head.