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Showbiz Is My [Rebirth] Full-time Job

2022-11-07 12:59   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   74 views
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Xu Yan is very optimistic about this project, otherwise he will not spend a high price to buy copyright. Xu diaoxing has just brought over the planning, people have not left, Xu Yan said: "Tomorrow to start inviting guests, to the major brokerage companies can also send invitations to the past." Xu diaoxing is stupefied, go against with his opinion for the first time: "Wait again." Xu Yan raised his eyebrows. "What are you waiting for?" She was silent for a moment before saying, "Wait for the trainee of Zhongtian to return home." Xu Yan looked at her for a while and sat down on the sofa: "You know, after two years of training, the strength of Zhongtian's trainees is not comparable to ours, right?" Xu Diaoxing lowered his eyes: "I know." Xu Yan continued: "As you know, this variety show is mainly to introduce our own trainees.". If we invite the group of trainees who returned from Zhongtian, the strength gap is too big, even if it is a black box operation, we can not hold it. After all, the audience's eyes are discerning. Are you going to give up the C position we planned to the people in the sky? Xu Diaoxing looked up into his eyes and said calmly, "Just one." Xu Yan was silent for a long time and suddenly smiled. He seemed a little helpless. He shook his head and asked with a sigh, "Haven't you given up Cen Feng yet?" Xu Diaoxing also smiled, and she said, "Well." How can you give up. That's the light of her life. The author has something to say: Seven p.m. is more ~! The next chapter officially opens the copy of the entertainment circle. There are a lot of private settings in the article. Don't compare them with the real timeline. Let's look at them as stories. ——————— Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-18 23:56:52 to 2019-11-19 12:04:00. Thanks to the little angel who threw the rocket launcher: Qi Fei falls at dusk; Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade: Why is there one in the wind; Thanks to the little angels who threw mines: Xiao Liu, Xiao Xiao, Warm Sun and Warm Heart, and Huang Xiaoling, two sand sculpture netizens; Bat who loves to eat cookies, seven-fold personality, Qiongge, Yueqingyu,stainless steel 304 pipes, CHICHI, childe cat, Lingna, Reeta, active waste girl, big pomelo moon @ forever love my family, 27079315, hold my carrot north rustling hair, apocalypse, Qiehua,precision welded tubes, gummy bear, seven transmembrane receptors, Beixue., Julie _ w, Douqi, Dimple length 1 high; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 70 bottles of Wanxin; 31 bottles of Bang; I am a poached egg ~, his second aunt, 30 bottles; 28 bottles of Kissu; 27 bottles of Undyed; Xiaoxiao? 25 bottles; Muzhao, Rong Mammy, Pot Wrapped Meat. , July 20 bottles; 19 bottles of hair thread; 15 bottles of next spring; Guo Xiaoguo la, Zhou Gongzi's active crime, Shanzhi hawthorn slices, Qifei dusk, Qin Sang, Zhiruo _ qaq, Bat who loves to eat cookies, Aihewl, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, Qingxi, Introduction to Architecture, Time de ashes 10 bottles; 11. Guess who I am 8 bottles; Siye drizzle 6 bottles; Peanut, Qian Mo, Yan Mo, Gu Shan Bu Gu, Eat My Gate of Heaven, Wanwan okok 5 bottles; Nap, Mmmmmmm, Foodie Fairy, Did Xiaozhao lose weight today? You can see that you like it very much. High calcium and low fat milk, 2 bottles of dried fish with leg of lamb ice cream and pickled pepper; Scratch the prize, cloud drunk moon slightly drunk, Zhongye, Yunxi, Yunqin magic language, Xi Xiaohe, Xiaoyi, Lang Xiaoming, Abby, sound card, Yijia girl, star moon, Wumu, Xianbeibei is a fairy shell, a bottle of candy that can smile; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 55 [55] Second watch When the winter jasmine blooms all over the streets and alleys of B city, the 30 trainees trained by Zhongtian outside finally returned home. Everyone in the circle is waiting for Zhongtian's big move, guessing what kind of men's group they will launch and whether they will harvest the market aggressively. As a result, the big move of Zhongtian did not come, and the star came first. Star has launched a large-scale trainee talent show called "Junior Idol". Whether you are an individual trainee or belong to other management companies, whether you practice for three days or three years, whether you are a vegetarian or a star, as long as you think you can stand on the stage, you are welcome to participate. Debut qualifications are left to the audience to choose, and the top nine trainees with the largest number of votes will form a group to debut, and Star will do its best to provide resources and publicity within one year of the limited group. "Teen Idol" is co-produced by Star Entertainment and Le Entertainment Video. Le Entertainment will open up a special voting channel and competition tidbits, which can not only see the front of the stage, but also live behind the scenes. In recent years, the variety show of Star has been in full swing, basically belonging to a state of fire, which has driven the whole inland variety show market. Even the audience knows that the products produced by the stars must be exquisite. As soon as the news came out, the circle was shocked. Everyone is pushing their own group, how can you not only not push their own, but also engage in other people's? Although I knew that there was this type of talent show abroad, it still made people feel incredible and novel when it came to internal entertainment. After the plan was confirmed, the official blog of Star released a message: — — @ Star Entertainment: 100 trainees gather to fight for their dreams. Who will be the center in your heart? Who will win your favor? Custom idols are your choice. The nine debut seats are empty, so stay tuned for Teen Idol. There is a picture below to introduce the content of the talent show. In addition to 100 trainees, Star has invited four mentors and a young couple executor. The four mentors are Shi Lin, the first singer-songwriter of inland folk songs, Yao Sheng, a sexy and hot iron lung singer in Taiwan, Chu Xinyang, a very famous rapper in the domestic rap circle, and Ning Sile, a popular singing and dancing idol who returned to China after his debut in H country. Young couple executor, Zhao Jinjin. These five guests are very popular and strong in their respective fields, from singing to dancing to rap to typhoon,cold drawn tubes, which is comprehensive enough. As soon as the news of the official blog of Star came out, all the marketing accounts began to talk about it, and # Star Youth Idol # soon became the first hot search. cbiesautomotive.com

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