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Seventies Siren Breeding Guide Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:09   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   87 views
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The baby is so annoying! Song Shuyu is also a bad bastard! Yuxiang felt that her position had been challenged and angrily arched her little buttocks into the quilt, leaving only a small back of the man's head. He was still questioning that she didn't know what a lover meant, and how it turned to the baby. Recalling what he had just thought, Song Shuyu's ears were hot, her palms were sweating, and she felt uncomfortable all over. After a while, the little mermaid fell asleep with a little snore. Song Shuyu moved, lay down beside her, and turned her over gently. Wasn't she still angry? She fell asleep? The person is not big, but the heart is quite big. In addition to eating, drinking, playing and flirting, what else can you do? Song Shuyu grinded his teeth bitterly and poked the heartless villain. In the dead of night, Song Shuyu stared at the sweet little mermaid beside his pillow. He was so angry that he slept with a good conscience. Instead, he couldn't sleep. Did he owe her. It was not until the horizon was white that Song Shuyu fell asleep with his eyes bloodshot and his head dazed. When he woke up again, the wooden window was open, and the bright sunshine accompanied by the fragrance of flowers poured into the narrow room like a trickle from the window. Song Shuyu covered his eyes, turned his head, and the white and fat little mermaid beside him disappeared. This little bastard. Song Shuyu smiled, changed into a shirt, buttoned a small black round button, straightened his collar and went out. Xie yuanfang was sitting in the living room watching TV. When he came out, he lowered the frame and looked at him. "Wake up?" "The rice was warm in the pot, and when I woke up, I went to brush my teeth and wash my face and eat the rice." The pendulum in the living room passed noon. Song Shuyu had not slept so lazily for many years. Facing the meaningful eyes of the old lady Xie,plastic laminated tube, Song Shuyu scratched his head shyly and went to wash with a handsome face. Porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat was warm in the pot, and two dishes were fragrant. Porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat is what old lady Hsieh is best at. It is said that the cook of the Hsieh family is the favorite breakfast of Miss Hsieh San. Later, the Hsieh family was gone, the cook was gone, and Miss Hsieh San herself was able to live with this skill. The little mermaid was afraid to eat a lot. Song Shuyu smiled and went out with the meal. "Grandma, where is Xiang Xiang?" Didn't you see it in the kitchen? People are on the balcony. Today, just after dawn, I got up and went to class with me all morning. I was afraid that I was so tired that I fell asleep in the rocking chair. Song Shuyu swallowed the porridge and said in surprise, "Did you take her to class?" Ms. Xie looked at him lightly. "I took my future granddaughter-in-law to class. What surprised you?" "Cough." What granddaughter-in-law? What happened to the two? Song Shuyu put down the bowl and put her hand against her mouth. Her white face was covered with a thin blush. "Grandma,cosmetic tube, don't talk nonsense." I see you look happy, but quite like me to talk nonsense, thank the old lady cold hum, if not Xiangxiang that child is now like this, you see other people's little girl can not move their eyes, who can not see your mind? All right, eat your meal. After eating, take Xiang Xiang back to the house to sleep. Don't bask in the sun outside. I just have no classes in the afternoon, and when people wake up, I will take Xiang Xiang to the market. "" I'll go too, "said Song Shuyu slowly. Xie yuanfang glanced at him, and Song Shuyu buried himself in eating and pretended not to see him. After dinner, Song Shuyu went to the balcony. In the flowers, the little fat fish lay on the rocking chair, his face was red and his forehead was sweating. In order to avoid being dried by the bright sun, his little mouth was breathing, and he kept arching his little buttocks to hide under the flowers. From time to time, he turned over irritably. In this way, custom cosmetic packing ,plastic packing tube, even can sleep like a little pig, Song Shuyu can not help but let out a muffled laugh, he stood on the edge of the rocking chair, tall figure covered the dazzling sunshine, the little mermaid gave a cry, frowning eyebrows finally opened. All right, go inside and sleep. Sleep again, really want to become a dry and wet small fish, Song Shuyu picked up people, holding her little buttocks, gently patted her back, her sleepy strength, he really should be glad that no one stole her in the sea, probably also know that they can not afford it. Put the person on the bed, Song Shuyu took a towel to wipe her wet eyebrows, small face, closed the window, and turned on the small fan, then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. "Xiang Xiang, put your bag on your back and grandma will take you to the market." "Yes!" Holding her in his arms, Song Shuyu washed her face and asked, "Would you like to change into a small skirt, the white one?" She was still angry. Yuxiang glanced at him, snorted, and jumped down. "I'll change it myself." Song Shuyu touched her nose and followed her. Shall I get your bag? "Don't take it!" Bag Baby Darn it! Around the market, the old lady Xie led the future granddaughter-in-law to walk in front, and the two of them jumped from time to time as they walked, attracting the attention of others. Song Shuyu walked behind with two big watermelons in his arms and several bags of vegetables in his hands, looking at the corners of his mouth. A leprechaun who has lived for a hundred years, an old lady who is going to be a great-grandmother, one person and one demon meet together, and they are still like children looking for friends in kindergarten. Song Shuyu had a headache, which reached its acme when he found out that the new people moving in opposite the apartment were Zhang Mu's family. Shuyu, what are you doing? Why don't you let the guests in? Song Shuyu glanced at the silly mermaid sitting on the floor of the living room, eating watermelon and watching TV. He pulled the door open, smiled as much as his eyes, and pulled his lower lip: "Auntie, uncle, please come in." Zhang Suxin, who was following them, looked up at him and smiled shyly: "Comrade Song, long time no see." Song Shuyu lightly hum, poured three glasses of water on the tea table, and then sat down beside the silly mermaid, wiped her mouth, "eat another tooth, don't eat, or you will have a bad stomach at night." Yuxiang stared at Zhang Suxin, climbed into his arms, hugged him and nodded his little head, and said loudly: "I know, I am a good boy, not greedy!" Song Shuyu: ".." The three older people in the living room could not help laughing, but Zhang Suxin could not laugh. The girl had been hostile to her since the train. She thought she was sensitive, but now she was staring at herself. What else could she not see. Zhang's father and mother sat on the sofa,empty cosmetic tubes, "Aunt Xie, I heard from Xiao Ye a few days ago, are you in good health?" emptycosmetictubes.com

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