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Recommend [Shuang Wen] to spoil me [wear quickly] Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:11   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   66 views
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Mu Cai quickly rummaged through the script in his mind and was once again convinced that he had not made a mistake. According to the original plot, although Mu Feng did lose to Claire, but on the court, the other side was not so embarrassed. Because Claire came on stage with the idea of pointing out Mu Feng. His purpose is just to make Mu Feng realize his shortcomings, motivate the other side, and let Mu Feng learn some skills of confrontation. It's not like this, it's like beating the other side unilaterally. Mu Cai did not know what had gone wrong, and his face was somewhat confused. Through the cockpit window, Claire saw the young man standing on the sidelines, his eyes covered with water, staring at the dark red mecha, his white face showing a little worry and confusion. When Claire saw this, her anger grew quietly in her heart. His eyes suddenly darkened as a strong desire to monopolize broke out. The mental strength in Claire's brain is highly concentrated,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and her hands are skillfully pressing the keys to input instructions in the control interface. Under the manipulation of his master, Bai Ze's movements became more and more intensive, and raindrops of attacks hit the shell of the rosefinch's mecha. The more Mu Cai looked, the more frightened he was. The mecha moved so fast that he was a little dazzled. Soon, the red mecha had no power to fight back. The white mecha raised its fist and was about to fall head-on. Bai Ze is the only 3s level mecha in the whole galaxy,carnosic acid price, and the hardness of the shell is not comparable to that of ordinary mecha. If this fist goes down and power is used, the rosefinch may be scrapped. If Mu Feng's mecha is broken, it will be more troublesome to repair, and he will definitely be scolded when he goes back. Most importantly, if the rosefinch is broken, Mu Feng will be very sad. The other party is already very embarrassed today. In a flash of lightning, Mu Cai subconsciously sent out his mental strength, almost involuntarily shouting in his heart: "Get out of the way!"! Mu Feng sat in the cockpit, his forehead covered with cold sweat. Manipulating mecha is a big burden on people's mind and body. He has just fought with Claire and has been pressed repeatedly. Now his mental and physical strength are about to be exhausted. He watched helplessly as the silver-white mecha was about to attack, his fingers trembling with overuse, lycopene for skin ,lutein eye complex, and his eyes were a little dim. At this critical moment, Mu Feng felt a sudden attack from the bottom of the cab. Then, his own mecha in the case of no control of their own suddenly turned over, just to avoid the attack. At the same time, the rosefinch suddenly removed the state of the mecha, turned into a bracelet state and returned to Mu Feng's wrist. Removing the state of the mecha means throwing in the towel. The winner can no longer follow up the victory. Applause and cheers immediately came from the sidelines, accompanied by whistling cheers: "It's a one-sided crush." "Originally I was very proud of my mecha manipulation is very skilled, now it seems that I am a complete garbage ah!" "I just want to say that it's a good thing I'm not bound to Mu Cai." "How to say, if you can just be beaten up and touch the mecha, it doesn't seem to be a loss." Do you have a mixture of flour and water in your mind? Wake up! “……” Hearing the referee's judgment, Claire frowned and lifted the state of Bai Ze's mecha. The other side had just been beaten by him and had no power to fight back. How could he suddenly turn over at the last moment? It was very quick, especially timely. Beads of sweat rolled down the forehead of Mu Feng, who was standing at the other end of the field. His face was full of incredulity. "What's the matter?" He murmured? I clearly.. Claire's ear was so keen that she caught that remark at once. As soon as his heart moved, he recalled the picture that Mu Cai had just checked the opponent's mecha, and immediately turned his head to look at the sidelines. Mu Cai is still in the state of turning around and surviving the disaster. Just as he was congratulating himself, he felt a gaze lock on him. Muce turned his head and saw Claire's eagle-like gaze. "Ian!" Cried Claire in a deep voice. Ian immediately stepped out of the noisy crowd. "Yes." "Prepare the flying machine," said Corell. "I'll take my men to the army headquarters." Ian answered and immediately stepped down. Claire looked at Mu Feng, who was still incredible, and said calmly, "Take your mecha and come with me to the army headquarters.". ” When Mu Feng heard this, he looked over in surprise, but saw that Claire did not look at him, but walked toward the sidelines. Claire opened her long legs and walked step by step to Mu Cai, who was standing off the court. The other looked at him coming, pursed his lips, and his eyes showed a little confusion and confusion. You look a little overwhelmed. Claire realized that he had just finished fighting and was full of hostility, which might frighten the other side. He stretched out his hand and held Mu Cai's thin shoulder gently. He said softly, "Cai Cai, will you go to the army headquarters with me?" The author has something to say: Claire: Beauty only deserves to be owned by the strong. Get on the mecha! Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-17 02:14:36 to 2019-11-18 00:45:11. Thanks to the little angel who threw the landmine: W long-term worker does not sleep 1 every day; Thanks to the little angels who irrigate the nutrient solution: 15 bottles of Bashan Night Rain; 3 bottles of South Wind; 1 bottle of Xiao Meng and Anshui; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 39 peach-flavored Omega (7) Perhaps it was because he had just had a mecha battle, and his collar was half open. A faint smell of rust came from the other side of the body,fenugreek saponins, spread around Mu Cai, filled his nasal cavity. This is the smell of Klael's pheromone. There is no fixed estrus period in alpha. Unmarried alpha will be sent by untagged Omega.. The smell of pheromones emitted by estrus is crazy. Which releases pheromones to suppress each other. But now that the Galactic Empire has introduced a suppression ring, the unmarried Omega's hair.. Estrus has been effectively inhibited. Pheromones will no longer be randomly dispersed in large quantities. prius-biotech.com

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