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Quick wear: The villain boss is a little cute. Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:02   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   96 views
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Yu Sheng registered for marriage in a confused situation. When he was holding the red notebook, he was still a little incredulous. Originally, he wanted to wait for him to buy a house before getting a marriage certificate. All right, you're married. I'll send you to training. Yu Sheng ".." How could she send him to training after such a big thing as marriage. But the fact is, he was sent to training. When he returned home in the afternoon, he was told that the house had been returned. These two sets are ours. Aunt lives in this set, and we live in the next one. In this way, you don't have to walk around hard, and our work won't affect aunt. “……” It is false to say that you are not moved. In the evening, the three of them had a meal together. Mother Yu is recovering well and likes Sue very much. Pulling Sue has been talking. In the evening, Sue took Yu Sheng back to the suite next door. It's also their new home. Only Yu Sheng looked at the wedding photos in the room. "When did we take the wedding photos?" "Yes, I can't see it." Sue was very proud. "I spent a lot of money on this." “……” Yu Sheng has some helplessness, "why?"? We'll just shoot it ourselves. "Trouble,Prison toilet for sale, don't shoot." Sue pointed at him. "I'm telling you, I don't do weddings." Although the wedding can be done by others, she is always the protagonist, and there will be nothing less about her. She's not asking for trouble. Yu Sheng ".." Her mind is really different from ordinary people. Yu Sheng couldn't help smiling and thought she was so cute. Go take a shower. Sue urged him. Yu Sheng was stunned. Today is their wedding night. Then, it must be the bridal chamber. Chapter 313 hidden merit and fame. The closet in the room is big. On the left is her dress and on the right is his. A set of clothes are all put in order, and some tags are not taken off. His previous clothes were thrown away without asking. Yu Sheng took his pajamas a little slowly. Why don't we wash it together? "No,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, no, no, I'll wash it first." Sue shrugged. "Well, you wash in the room, and I'll go to the bathroom in the living room." Yu Sheng washed quickly, and Sue was not in the room when he came out. He consciously lay down on the bed, and after lying down, he felt like a concubine in bed, which was strange. So he sat up. He was absent-minded with his cell phone. Suddenly he thought of something. Opened the browser and started searching. Is there anything that couples need to pay attention to when they do that for the first time? What do men need to pay attention to the first time? What do women need to pay attention to the first time? How long does it take for a man not to lose face the first time? Yu Sheng searched one question after another, push button toilet flush valve ,Flushometer valve, but did not find that Sue was already standing next to him. boss” "Ah." Yu Sheng was so frightened that his hand trembled and his mobile phone fell on the fluffy carpet beside the bed. Sue bent over and picked up her cell phone. I can't see it. Yu Sheng stretched out his hand to take it. Sue stepped back and dodged his hand. Just ask me about this kind of thing. Sue looked at him with a smile. Do you have much experience? "Of course not." Sue looked at him, threw the phone aside, and rushed straight over. "Try it and you'll know." “” "Hm?" "Don't leave me." "Well.." Sue didn't get up the next day. My son couldn't resist laughing at Sue. Sue ordered the report very conveniently. So the son was locked up in a small dark room. There is a handle in the hands of this goddess, unexpectedly also dare to show off! See if I can beat you! Besides, this is the first time for this goddess! It was a mistake! Wait for this goddess to slow down for two days! Make sure the boss can't get out of bed. It's time to eat. "Mmm." "Would you like me to take it to bed for you?" "No." Like what! Eat it in bed! Does this goddess want to lose face?! Su stood upright and steadily came to the table and sat down. Oh, my God, it's so sour! Yu Sheng can cook, Su is really unexpected. It seems that she won't have to cook in the future. You don't have to order takeout. Great Does it taste good "There is room for improvement." Cooking is such a thing that it never tastes better. Sure enough, when Yu Sheng heard it, he said, "Then I'll buy some books and practice again." "Good." After dinner, Sue received a message from the CEO. Ding's shares have been acquired. Sue immediately replied to his message. There is no need to merge for the time being. Don't frighten the snake. Yu's side should start as soon as possible. After sending the message, Su just remembered that he forgot to send Weibo to show his love yesterday. There is a fish in the middle. "Well, that's the way it is. Forward and draw 1314 people, each with 1000 cash, not counting the trumpet.". Picture The picture is naturally a picture of Su and Yu Sheng holding a marriage certificate. The micro-blog is full of congratulations. Yu Sheng heard his cell phone ringing all the time before he found that Su had sent Weibo, and he quickly forwarded it. The people at the training base also knew that Yu Sheng had got married quietly and asked him to send wedding candies one after another. Su simply got a box in Zuixuan Pavilion and invited the people from the training base and Yang Wenwen to have a meal together. After that, one person went back with a basket of wedding candies. Yes, a basket of wedding candies. A basket as big as a fruit basket. Yes, it's very big. The host, this is it. Sue parked the car and went in quietly. From a distance, I watched the woman meet her live host. I took several pictures by the way. Tut, tut, tut, it's really a male partner. Look at this appearance. Sue thought the last time, it would make the woman want to give birth to the man's child or something like that. After all, there were so many planes before, and many women did this. But this is not! She found a spare tire. Not inferior to the man's spare tire. In fact, Sue did not know that the woman would broadcast live, entirely because the spare tire had chased her before, she opened the live broadcast, but also told the man that she was opening the live broadcast. In order to get this man to give her a live gift. In this way,Flush valve price, she not only has money, but also has people. Yes, it's very feminine. cnkexin.com

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