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Pulp Making price Full-time Job

2022-12-28 09:09   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Sampang   19 views
Job Details
The ZDSZ series vertical Mid consistency pulper is mainly used to disintegrate various pulp boards, broken paper, and waste paper. It has a strong dissolving capacity, a broad application range, a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, and so on. At the moment, it is the perfect equipment for waste paper pulping. This Mid consistency pulper series is appropriate for both batch and continuous operations.
Consistency (%)5--8
ModelNominal Volume (m3)Capacity (T/D)Motor Power (kW)
(1) Mid consistency pulper is mainly suitable for pulping clean wood pulp and other clean raw materials.
(2) Pulp consistency can reach 5%-8%.
(3) Energy-saving S-shaped rotor, the gap between the rotor and the sieve plate can be adjusted to ensure the pulping effect.
1. ZDSZ hydraulic pulper is mainly composed of a tank body, rotor, transmission part, pulp level box (continuous type), and other parts.
2. When the pulper tank is filled with water for 1/2, start the motor, and put the pulp board, broken paper, or waste paper into the tank evenly. Drain regularly. Its rotor has a peculiar construction; when it rotates, the pulp is ejected from the center to the surrounding area, and a vortex is formed at the center so that the pulp board and broken paper are disintegrated in the wet state. The undisintegrated paper and fiber bundles are loosened in the gap between the rotor and the sieve plate. The particular shape of the crushing blade's tail keeps the screen holes from being blocked.
3. Steel plates weld the tank body, and the upper part has a conical opening to prevent splashing; the lower part has a steel flange to connect with the transmission. There are baffles at the bottom of the tank to make the slurry return to form a circulation. There is a slag discharge port at the bottom of the tank body and a sediment tank to facilitate the discharge of impurities. The lower part of the tank body is equipped with a transmission part composed of the main shaft, a bearing, a bearing seat, and a pulley.
4. Below the rotor is a sieve plate, and there are various sizes of sieve holes for options. The distance between the rotor and the sieve plate is generally 3mm, which can be adjusted.
5. The pulp level box (continuous type) is a steel cylinder connected to the pulper's pulping pipe. It has an adjustable overflow gate to adjust the pulper's pulp level and control the pulping quality.Pulp Making price
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