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Painting horror Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:07   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   119 views
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"Remove the leaves from the berries in the room, remove the core, clean them, and store them in glass jars." The sweet NPC suddenly emphasized, "Never bring the color of your room to other rooms!"! Never contaminate these colors! Miwei and Miaozipei looked at these yellow berries like small tomatoes and listened to Qin Ci, who was in the same group, saying: "NPC means that we are not allowed to cross the room. We must remember these words. This is the most basic condition for death." Miwei picked up a small yellow fruit and smelled it. The smell was very fresh. "Dr. Qin, you just said that these deaths happened at night. Why did NPC start asking us to obey the rules during the day?" "It's a little special, but we'd better do what we say. Maybe the boss is looking for the dead target at night through the screening during the day." Qin Ci had rolled up his sleeves, washed his hands in the sink of the room, and then sat on a small wooden stool, treating the fruits like vegetables. The other two college students also followed suit, washed their hands and sat beside Qin Ci, starting today's work. NPCs appear in this way every time? Miwei has a lot of problems. No, it's the first time that an NPC has appeared with a voice. "Qin Ci looked at the bright room, with these yellow fruits and the peacock blue shadows they cast on the ground,euro plastic pallet, which made people feel more like a painting.". Qin Ci looked at his shadow subconsciously, and it was also a beautiful peacock blue, without any trace of emptiness, full and rich accumulation at his feet. At the same time, Ke Xun was looking down at his shadow, which was shining like gold sand, and like the blue berries that had fallen to the ground,mobile garbage bin, there was a golden'puddle 'under each fruit. Guo Lixia is working very neatly, a person's workload is more than Ke Xun and Xin Beibei combined, Guo Lixia's mouth is not idle: "Do you think these blue fruits can be eaten?"? Is this a variety of blueberries? If we taste it, the top should not care, right? "My God, Aunt Guo, aren't you afraid of poison?" Xin Beibei made a fuss and looked at Guo Lixia. Call Sister Guo! Guo Lixia glared at Xin Beibei, "your boyfriend is older than me!" Just as Xin Beibei was trying to tell what to tell, she heard Guo Lixia say, "He wasn't born after 1975, was he?"? Sister, wholesale plastic pallet ,drum spill containment, I am a serious post-75 generation! Xin Beibei's arrogance suddenly weakened, and her face turned red and white for a while. Suddenly, Guo Lixia asked, "Is he divorced?"? You follow him so unclearly that you think you've got a big advantage, and in the end you're the one who suffers! Chapter 80 Shadow 03 night. As the music sounded, the sweet NPC reminded everyone: "Afternoon tea time, please come to the hall to rest ~" NPC tone, "be sure to wash the juice of the berries on your hands, do not pollute the color!" There were several round tables with white lace tablecloths in the hall. Most people sat around the biggest round table. Xin Beibei and Shi Zhendong sat at the small round table. Shi Zhendong pulled his girlfriend to join them. What year were you in? Guo Lixia asked Shi Zhendong out of the blue. Shi Zhendong's expression was somewhat embarrassed: "Tiger." "I was born in the year of rabbit, and you are one year older than me!" Guo Lixia praised her previous correct guess. All right, Sister Guo, let's get down to business! Ke Xun directly interrupted the troublesome elder sister in this group. Guo Lixia nods very briskly: "All right, do not say, listen to our group leader!"! Although our group leader is young, he has a special way to convince the public! Mu Yiran looked at Ke Xun, who was sitting beside him, with a faint smile on his face. Qin Ci took the lead in asking everyone, "Did you find anything unusual when you were working in your rooms just now?" Everyone was just familiar with the environment and did not have time to observe it carefully. "I found the world completely in line with the Fauvism style," said He Yu, who has bohemian long hair. "First of all, the composition is not very proportional, such as the green maze and circular pool outside the castle. We walked up the long steps to the interior of the room and looked out of the window, but we could still see them clearly. This clarity is close observation." This is impossible to do in real life. Mu Yiran nodded slightly, and it seemed that he had discovered this too. He Yu went on to say: "Fauvism does not pay attention to perspective and light and shade. It is a flat composition that breaks the traditional Western painting style. The color of the object itself and the shadow form a strong contrast. This painting method itself is divorced from nature. The painter pays attention to subjective feelings, which is also in line with what Fauvism people often say: Painting is not a manual, but our feelings!" So when Ke Xun first entered the painting, he would have a doubt: Is this painting three-dimensional? "But NPC has been reminding us not to pollute the color," Miwei also said. "We all know that the color of Fauvism is free, and there is even a sense of indiscriminate. For example, Matisse's famous" Woman in the Hat ", the woman's face boldly uses green, red, yellow and blue, and the interweaving of these colors." Guo Lixia is also seriously participating in the meeting. After listening to Miwei's words word by word, she sighed with emotion: "Can you still see that?" But Miwei gave Guo Lixia a short smile: "On the contrary, those colors are very harmonious on Madame Matisse's face. While full of harmony, they are also very decorative." Guo Lixia rubbed her eyes and didn't quite understand. Shi Zhendong nodded: "What the students said just now is very valuable, especially about the pool and maze. Since they can be observed at close range from any direction,heavy duty plastic pallet, are these two things that the painter wants to highlight?" Several old people who had experienced painting all looked at Shi Zhendong with new eyes. Qin Ci said, "We can focus on those two places to look for it. Maybe the painter's signature is near there." Zhu Haowen also suddenly opened his mouth: "The name of this painting is Shadow. The shadow of this world is indeed different. It is better to observe carefully. There may be signatures hidden in the shadow, or there may be fatal dangers hidden in the shadow." cnplasticpallet.com

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