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Male God Tries Marriage for 365 Days: Gold Medal Wife Is a Little Wild Full-time Job

2022-11-01 12:34   Training   Adiwerna   102 views
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"So many people follow, but also let the young lady be wronged, what do you all do?" Not heavy volume, but with the momentum of self-respect without anger. As soon as Ye Zhan's eyes narrowed, he made all the servants kneel down. President, forgive me. "You shouldn't have said that to me. Tell it to Minmei. Now I just want to know who it is that doesn't even sell the face of my Ye Zhanxing and dares to embarrass the daughter of my Ye family." Ye Zhanxing folded his legs and raised his hand. The housekeeper immediately handed him a cigar and lit it respectfully. His daughter, he knew, was only spoiled and bad-tempered, but not vicious. It's no wonder that he cried like this after suffering such a great grievance this time. Back to the president, I don't blame anyone else for this, but my subordinates didn't take good care of the young lady. Mo Feng stood aside and handed over the photo in his hand. "This is the girl who hit the young lady. Her name is Qin Youxuan." “……” Ye Zhanxing saw clearly the person in the photo. His pupil tightened and he stood up. "His surname is Qin. Is it her daughter?" 7; Chapter 666 in a twinkling of an eye, you have grown so big. "Yes, it is precisely because of this, so the subordinates did not seek justice for the young lady, but first brought people back." Mo Feng answered respectfully. ……” Ye Zhanxing's eyes flashed, his hand holding the photo was a little tight, and he slowly sat back on the sofa. The tone slightly paused, then opened his mouth, "is very much like her,whirlpool hot tub, in a twinkling of an eye, have grown so big." Eyes, can not hide the lonely. For a long time, Ye Zhanxing put down the photo, raised his hand, and waved everyone back. Leaving only one ink wind. What happened today? What happened? How could Minmei make trouble with Qin Youxuan? Ye Zhanxing gathered his eyes and his tone sank. To be precise, it is a strange thing to attend the dinner of the Shan family as Qin Youxuan. Ye Zhanxing asked so euphemistically that it was already a very polite way. Back to the president,hot tub spa manufacturers, there is one thing you may not know, Miss Qin has married with Shan Hanjie, today's single family dinner, is Shan Hanjie with Miss Qin to attend, and seems to be very protective of Miss Qin, even did not mean to hide the marriage. "Do you mean that Qin Youxuan married into the Shan family or married Shan Hanjie?!" Ye Zhanxing looked very surprised, and his tall body suddenly sat upright on the sofa. Yes, the news has been exposed by the media in f city, but the wedding has not been held for a long time. It is estimated that the two people only got the certificate in private. The other people in the single family do not recognize it, nor have they officially announced the marriage news. The ink wind stopped slightly, and when he saw that Ye Zhanxing had not spoken, he continued. The eldest young lady learned at the dinner party that Shan Hanjie had already married, and that Miss Qin was only the eldest young lady of Qin's enterprise, whirlpool hot tub ,Whirlpool bathtub, so. "Nonsense!"! How can emotional things be measured by family background? Ye Zhanxing clapped his hands on the table and his face sank. ……” Mo Feng stood respectfully beside him, and there was no superfluous expression fluctuation, as if he had long expected that Ye Zhanxing would react like this. What about Minmei being beaten? Although Ye Mingmei's starting point is wrong, it is a fact that her daughter was beaten. The slap print on his face had been applied to the ice bag for an hour before it receded, and his hands were not generally heavy. This I asked a few people who were following the young lady at that time, and confirmed that it was also the young lady who started the first move, but Miss Qin seemed to have practiced twice, so. Beating people instead of being taught a lesson, this kind of words Mo Feng did not dare to say. After waiting for Ye Zhanxing's expression to improve, he asked, "President, how to deal with this matter?"? With so many people at the dinner, if the Ye family does nothing, I'm afraid the eldest lady will become a laughing stock. "Really more and more presumptuous, accompany the young lady is how to teach her, two quarrels start beating people, this is a lady should have some behavior?"? Shame on her, she knows it now. Ye Zhanxing severely criticized two sentences, thinking of the red and swollen palm prints on Ye Mingmei's face, after all, he was softhearted. Don't let people move Qin Youxuan. As for the way the Shan family handles it, I will talk to Shan Rong in person. "Yes." Mo Feng nodded and turned away. The living room emptied. Ye Zhanxing was the only one left, staring at the photos on the tea table, sitting on the sofa for a long time, not moving. After the single family dinner, Qin Youxuan became famous. Hit the eldest lady of the Ye family and get away with it. Became the most talked about figures in the upper class, a strong presence in everyone's eyes. 7; Chapter 667 it is useless to count a thousand crimes. The most surprising thing is that Shan Hanjie officially announced her identity at the dinner party of the Shan family. This means that from now on, Qin Youxuan is a legitimate young grandmother of the Shan family, which is different from the meaning of getting a marriage certificate. Honey, I have something to tell you today. Early in the morning, Qin Youxuan got up from the bed, grabbed his messy hair twice with his fingers, and threw himself on Shan Hanjie. Clung to his strong waist like a koala. ……” Shan Hanjie narrowed his evil eyes, glanced at her, turned his body, and pressed her under his body. "It seems that spring has come ahead of time, and you are beginning to throw yourself into your arms, eh?" Shan Hanjie lowered his head and licked her earlobe with his tongue, which immediately made her tremble all over. I couldn't help but raise my hand to cover my ears. "I really have something to say." "Speak Slowly." Shan Hanjie lowered his head and kissed her lips. Just as he was about to go further, he saw Qin Youxuan pushing him away. Gasping, "It's too late!" “……” "Shan Hanjie twisted his eyebrows and pinched the tender flesh of her waist with displeasure." I'm serious. It's really urgent. Qin Youxuan caught the gap and sat up hurriedly, looking at him face to face. Shan Hanjie,jacuzzi bath spa, you see, now everyone knows that I am your wife, does that mean that no one dares to touch me now? Qin Youxuan chirped his small mouth and analyzed it carefully. monalisa.com

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The little princess had woken up and was grabbing her skirt for milk. Nian Min wants to cry, my daughter! Your mother, I almost sold you! On the same day, Yongzheng issued a secret decree to the Department of Sticky Pole: he ordered three bodyguards of the Department of Sticky Pole, who were proficient in Mongolian customs, to sneak into the command of Qarhan Doljitaiji,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, to monitor his every move, and to report regularly without any omission. The secret decree also specifically emphasized that we must pay attention to the situation in Qarhan's backyard! The leader of the Sticky Pole Department received the secret decree, wondering in his heart: "Is this Char Khan also corrupt and bribe-taking?"? It doesn't look like it! Shake your head.