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Lord of Xiuzhen Manor Full-time Job

2022-11-01 12:21   Security & Safety   Adiwerna   171 views
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It's all right. I remember there were some marching belts on the ship. When the time comes, cut it out, and then make a ring one by one according to the size of each dolphin. There is no ready-made belt, but it is not difficult to lift Jiahua upside down and do it yourself. All right, I'm going to be busy. Be careful to drive the boat. Knowing that Feng Jiahua had a plan, Xu Ying was naturally relieved and began to work. On the Blue Whale. Feng Jiahua bought quite a lot of spare parts and put them on the ship because he wanted to go to sea to explore the sunken ship. Now Xu Ying only needs to take out the corresponding quantity from the closet, and then start debugging according to the instructions. This Jiahua can be installed on the body of the dolphin. Fortunately, the current technology is very good. Many instruments that used to look very professional are now operated in a foolproof way, and they are quite simple to use. Even Xu Ying, a girl studying liberal arts and art, can still easily complete such work under the influence of Ben Jiahua. In this way, one of the two men drove the "Blue Whale" smoothly towards the front, and one of them, accompanied by Doudou, began to debug the camera in the waiting room of the rear cabin. After Xu Ying and Feng Jiahua lived together for a long time, they also had a little feeling of being married. Outside the window, under the brilliant sun, the blue sea and sky are particularly pure, people can not help but fall in love with this sea area,industrial racking systems, they occasionally jump up from the sea. In the waves above a wonderful arc, but with the "Blue Whale", forming a mutual echo of the posture. As the distance of the "Blue Whale" is getting farther and farther, and the sea area scheduled by Ben Jiahua is gradually approaching, Feng Jiahua still has a little conation in his heart. After all, with the help of dolphins, Feng Jiahua hopes that this treasure hunting trip will bring him more expectations and surprises. Maybe it will be a wonderful experience! When the sun set,radio shuttle racking, Ben Jiahua arrived at the scheduled sea area and began to install cameras for the dolphins, while Xu Ying was busy with dinner in the kitchen. Under the demonstration of the little one, the dolphins of the dolphin family came to Ben Jiahua one by one, let him tie a marching belt on his body, and then install a wireless camera on it. Although they are a little unaccustomed to the feeling of being bound. But out of their trust in Ben, they have adapted obediently to the experience. After the installation, the little one took the family partner with him. He began his life of free hunting in the nearby sea. You know, they follow the Blue Whale. After running all day, the consumption of physical strength is quite large, and now is the best time to replenish physical strength. Dinner was soon done, and Xu Ying just cooked the seafood she caught and the rice and vegetables she brought on board, without making it too complicated. Because there is a certain danger at sea. Feng Jiahua also did not drink, after a hasty dinner, warehouse storage racks ,asrs warehouse, he began to make green tea and rest with Xu Ying on the open-air watchtower. When the setting sun plunges into the western ocean. The original red sea suddenly turned blue, and the strong contrast almost made people unable to react at once. Under the breeze, the rosy clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, and finally turned into many blue clouds and disappeared in the blue and silent sky. Soon, the whole sky and the sea became the same color, looking at the past, can no longer see the boundary between the sea and the sky. Just now, there were one or two sea birds circling and flying on the sea. But now they can no longer be seen, only their cries come faintly in the whisper of the sea breeze. The sound of birds makes the whole sea more quiet, and also makes Ben Jiahua enjoy the deep feeling. The Blue Whale, washing back and forth in the slightly undulating waves, made Feng Jiahua, who was lying on the lazy chair, feel like he was lying in the cradle when he returned. He and Xu Ying lie side by side on the open-air watchtower, looking at the sea in front of them, while gossiping, there is always a warm feeling in their hearts. With the passage of time, a full moon rose from the eastern ocean, and the clear moonlight spread over the sea, making the whole. The blue sea suddenly changed again. Now it is the middle of the lunar calendar, and the moon is changing to a perfect stage. So the moon appears bright. There are no clouds tonight, and the moonlight can spread unscrupulously on the ocean, as if to create a fairyland world. Legend has it that on such a night, you can see the fairy mountain on the sea. I don't know how many people have been attracted to go to the vast sea to look for fairy fate. Xu Ying and Ju Jiahua, lying on the deck chairs on the terrace, looking at the bright moon and the cool breeze, felt as if they had melted into this wonderful world. For tomorrow morning's treasure hunting trip, Ju Jiahua is looking forward to it as if it were a dream in front of him! Defense: Thank you for your support! Chapter 384 of the main text of Xiuzhen Manor begins to act. The two sides were calm, and Xu Ying and Cha Jiahua fell asleep peacefully in the dew of the sea breeze, with gentle waves on their pillows. Naturally, this relaxed and pleasant mood could not be enjoyed on the Blue Whale Island. In Blue Whale Island, even the best sea view villas are still some distance away from the sea, and people can only fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves. Just like a dream, I feel that there is still a little hazy distance between the sea and myself, a little unreal? But above the sea, "Blue Whale.". Under the gentle swaying of the waves, the rhythmic swaying, coupled with the sound of the waves, is like a beautiful Spanish serenade, which is fascinating. Feng Jiahua felt as if he had come to the embrace of the sea, slowly the whole person into it, originally in Lanzhen Island because of various affairs,teardrop pallet racking, pressure and slightly impetuous mind on the calm down. Under the watery moonlight, they slept quietly, and the past and the lonely night were perfectly combined. kingmoreracking.com

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At this moment, the spirits of Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng and Qinglan almost collapsed, their spirits almost died, and their vital signs almost stopped running. Because, behind them, there are inexplicable fluctuations, there is really some kind of existence concerned about here. After they recovered, the moment they looked back, they faintly saw their eyes, which were bigger than the planet,fine bubble diffuser, dim and slowly close in the infinite distance. Three people are scary! At this time, the largest warship in the mechanical army flew out of an animal skin roll, which was the result of the clan's analysis for so many days.