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Live on your face [wear it quickly] Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:07   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   116 views
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He prefers this "practical" type of man to meaningless love words. So he looked at Demon Zun with anticipation in his eyes. Demon Zun likes his little feather to look at him like this, or whatever the human race does, he likes it. "Do you like small?" He asked, with a cold tone that implied spoiling. Shen Mian felt that what he said seemed to be inaccurate, so he gently pushed the man with his knee and said, "I want it to be smaller here." “……” Shen Mian noticed that with his movements, the man's limbs seemed to stiffen for a moment, and then the arms around his waist tightened in an instant, while the man deceived himself and clasped him tightly on his chest. The broad and cold palm of the demon Zun stroked his body impatiently through the wet and nominal clothes. Shen Mian's heartbeat was like beating, and his legs and feet were weak. He said in a trembling voice, "Zun, Zun, I'm joking with you.." But the demon was obviously not joking with him, his eyes were still Pure Brightness, but he could wander around Shen Mian's whole body, and even reach into the palms of his hands between the snow-white hills and gullies, apparently already confused. Demon Zun gasped and asked, "Do you know what a divine body is?" Shen Mian tried in vain to cover it up, but he could only let the man do whatever he wanted. He said with some alarm, "I heard, I heard that only when a mortal becomes a God can he become an immortal. But no one has become a God for many years." The man said lightly, "The divine body in the practitioner's mouth is only the birth of the immortal root and the spiritual orifice, not the divine body." Ordinary people,plastic pallet bin, after all, can not really become gods, so they can not really become gods. Spirit pool mist lingering, hazy, sleep only feel some can not see the man's appearance, he suddenly eat pain, lying on the man's chest through the big mouth to relieve the discomfort of foreign invasion. The cold voice in his ear was calm, as if he was not the one who was making trouble in his body. The divine body does not enter reincarnation, does not die,plastic trash bins, does not perish, and reverses the universe. It was deep again, causing a spasmodic tremor in his back, and Shen Mian knew that it was just a starter. There's never been a time when just foreplay has been so stimulating, and if it's real, he doesn't have a way out. Shen Mian bit his lips and begged with difficulty, "I dare not, I dare not any more. Please let me go.." Demon Zun asked, "Does Xiaoyu know where she is wrong?" "I shouldn't have.." said Shen Mian. The following should not be committed. The Demon Zun still went deep into himself and sank into one of his knuckles, saying, "The true body of the Demon Zun is the only divine body left in the world. There is no reason for it to change." Shen Mian, however, felt that the devil was angry not because of this, but because he had just put his knee against it and made him angry. He said pitifully, "Xiaoyu knows she's wrong and won't dare any more." He did several tasks in the world, consciously lived for many years, stackable plastic pallets ,wholesale plastic pallet, originally refused to call himself "little feather", suspected of pretending to be young, but when it came to life and death, he could not care about anything else. He encircled the man's neck and took the initiative to kiss him on the lips. The light fragrance was pleasant. The beautiful peach blossom eyes were shining with water, slightly red. The lachrymal mole in the corner of his eyes was like the morning glow, beautiful to the extreme. He gazed at the demon Zun in an instant, with tears in his eyes, which made people pity him to the bone. He had admitted his mistake, and this time it was all right, but he just made such a gesture of attracting people, which made the Demon Zun's eyes red for a moment. Demon, the most not good forbearance, if not very cherish this human race, also not forbearance to this point. Now, after all, I can't hold back. Shen Mian only felt the world spinning, he was placed on the ground of jade and white stone, under the body placed a black robe, the devil bent down to savor his body as white and soft as snow. I don't like this. Shen Mian whispered. Without a word, Demon Zun knelt down beside him and held him in his arms. He stroked his reddish eyes with his fingers and rubbed them slowly. "If it really hurts, bite me," he said. “……” "You said you wouldn't force me," said Shen Mian. Demon Zun was silent and seemed to be thinking about something. After a moment, he said firmly, "You started first." Shen Mian shed a tear from the corner of his eye and asked, "I don't want to do it now. Can you let me go?" Mozun shook his head. Shen Mian added, "I don't even know your name, and I don't know where you come from. You didn't say whether you like me or not. I'm really not reconciled. If you only treat me as a furnace and throw me away after using it, I'll hate you." "I'm not willing to lose it." In this holy and noble temple, the voice of the supreme demon world sounded like helplessness and sighing. Shen Mian only felt pain, even if he temporarily removed the sense of pain, but the visual impact still made him very afraid. Demon Zun in the end to take into account his body, not fully entered, but this strange Xing love experience, enough branded in the depths of Shen Mian's memory. It is not a race in the first place, and if it is forcibly accepted, the party who bears it will naturally not feel comfortable. What Shen Mian can do is to hold on to the man's shoulder like a drowning man holding on to the driftwood, so that the man can take more pity on him and not lose his sense of propriety in his eagerness. Fortunately, yuan Dan has been repaired, and Demon Zun injects vitality into his body infinitely, so that his body is in a cycle between injury and recovery. Outside the main hall, people of the right path forcibly attacked the hall, while inside the hall, the Lord of the Demon World seemed to be in his own realm, concentrating on enjoying his beloved human youth. Demon Zun is actually very gentle. When Shen Mian cried, the man patiently bent down to kiss the tears in his eyes and waited patiently for him to stop crying before entering the next round of attack. The only fly in the ointment is the difference in body size, so that a man's tiny movements will be magnified infinitely in his body. As a result, the psychological sense of resistance and the incomparable physical pleasure are intertwined, which makes Shen Mian suffer a lot. In particular, he could not accept that, according to the original plot,foldable bulk container, the original owner clearly needed to sleep ten years later, but he was ahead of schedule. It made him feel very unfair. The live broadcast room is already crazy: What the hell happened?? I can't see anything. You used to be able to see the anchor's face, but now you only have the code (spurting blood. JPG). Not even a sound (crying). cnplasticpallet.com

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