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Jewels Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:10   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   88 views
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The cold man saw Qin Sheng's movements and felt with his intuition that Qin Sheng was not easy to deal with. He punched the bodyguard in front of him and shouted at the waitress who had fallen to one side: "Get on the boat." After shouting at the waitress, the cold man rushed towards the boat. The cold man prepared two boats, and when the fight began, the people on the boat had already started to act, opened an exit from the bottom cabin, and withdrew the boat from the cabin, ready to escape. Cold man's action is fast, Qin Sheng's reaction is not slow, he jumped on the boat where Gu Ming and Tang Ming were, first against the two men on the boat, neatly threw each other down the sea, and then took out a knife to cut the rope tied to Gu Ming and Tang Ming. Gu Ming, wake up, wake up "Qin Sheng also did not go to the side of Tang Ming, but gently patted Gu Ming's face calling, but unfortunately Gu Ming did not wake up any signs.". At this time, the cold man also jumped on the boat, his eyes narrowed,naringenin price, lifted his feet and kicked Qin Sheng in the past, trying to let Qin Sheng kick into the sea. Qin Sheng flashed and avoided the movements of the cold man. The cold man missed a hit, came forward again, took out a dagger from his bosom, and stabbed Qin Sheng mercilessly, aiming to stop Qin Sheng's chest. Boom During the fight, both the bodyguards and the kidnappers had a lot of people falling into the sea. The spray gradually rose,best green coffee bean extract, and the cold and biting sea water instantly soaked their clothes, which also hindered their actions. This side is playing in full swing, because the boat kept shaking, Qin Sheng failed to win the cold man immediately. The cold man found that the people on his side gradually gained the upper hand, and saw that the waitress had jumped into another boat smoothly. In his heart, he made a gesture to the people on the other boat, avoiding Qin Sheng's attack, and directly started the motor to drive the boat. As for the other accomplices who had not yet boarded the boat, he did not care. The boat sailed rapidly in the opposite direction of the cruise ship, and Qin Sheng was so unstable that he almost fell directly into the sea. At this time on the boat in addition to lying motionless Tang Ming and Gu Ming, there is a cold man and another man responsible for sailing, the rest is Qin Sheng, the situation is obviously unfavorable to Qin Sheng. The cold man pursed his lips and saw that Qin Sheng had not yet been taken off the boat. His eyes flashed a fierce light. He touched his leg and took out a small black pistol, turmeric extract powder ,phycocyanin spirulina, ready to use it directly to solve Qin Sheng. But before he could pull the trigger, the pistol in his hand was kicked away by Qin Sheng and fell to the unconscious Tang Ming. The "cold bastard" was furious, and then he saw that another boat seemed to be restrained by Tang Ming's bodyguards, while some bodyguards were driving another boat towards them. The cold man gritted his teeth and knew that this was not the way to go. Remembering that Qin Sheng had just got on the boat and ran directly toward Gu Ming, he moved in his heart and dragged Gu Ming out of the boat. Seeing Gu Ming thrown into the dark sea by the cold man, Qin Sheng's pupils shrank and he jumped directly into the sea without thinking. At the same time, the boat driven by the bodyguards also followed up, the cold man's eyes flashed a struggle, thinking of the money already in hand and the best starlight sapphire, Tang Ming, who was also lying unconscious beside him, was thrown into the sea. Seeing this, Tang Ming's bodyguards ignored the pursuit of the cold man and jumped into the sea to save people. In fact, Tang Ming had some vague consciousness before he was thrown into the sea, but he could not open his eyes all the time, and could only hear a lot of noisy voices in his ears. After he was thrown into the sea by the cold man, he became more conscious, and then struggled in the sea out of the instinct of survival. The bodyguards were still very conscientious, and soon found the struggling Tang Ming, directly dragged Tang Ming to the surface of the water, and quickly got Tang Ming back to the boat. There was nothing to keep warm on the boat. After Tang Ming boarded the boat, he was first given first aid measures. After spitting out the sea water in his stomach, he shivered with cold. Where is Mr. Qin? "Miss Gu fell into the sea, and Mr. Qin went down to save people, but he hasn't come up yet.". ” "Go down and look for it." In a daze, Tang Ming heard someone talking next to him and faintly heard Gu Ming's name. Then he remembered that Gu Ming had been dizzy before he fainted. He was so excited that he opened his eyes and shook his lips and asked, "Where are Gu, Gu Ming?" "Miss Gu fell into the sea. Mr. Qin jumped down to save people before, but he hasn't come up yet. We're looking for her." The bodyguard holding Tang Ming's body replied quickly. Tang Ming suddenly grabbed the bodyguard's hand and used his greatest strength to say, "Hurry up and look for it. You must find it." "Hurry up and find someone." The bodyguard listened to Tang Ming's words and quickly added another sentence. The sea was dark, the lights on the boat were not strong, and the sea was freezing cold, so no one was found for a while. Mr. Qin, Miss Gu. The bodyguard standing on the boat shouted loudly as he searched the sea. With the passage of time, the sea has never appeared Qin Sheng and Gu Ming figure, whether bodyguards or Tang Ming are anxious up. How dark it is now, the danger in the sea is greatly increased, if we can not find people now, it is likely to be ominous. Tang Ming grabbed the arm of the bodyguard who was holding him and stared straight at the dark sea. If he hadn't really had no strength now, he might have jumped into the sea to look for someone. The cold sea water drilled into Gu Ming's body, and although she was unconscious when she was thrown off the boat, she woke up in a daze after falling into the water and unable to breathe. Feeling that she was in the water,jujube seed powder, Gu Ming panicked. She was a dilettante in swimming and was only a little better than a landlubber. She barely passed the swimming test in the university. If she could barely swim at ordinary times, but now she was weak and felt the cold sea water going straight into her mouth and nose. The fear of suffocation filled her heart. No, she doesn't want to die. She doesn't want to drown. Somebody help her! Help her. prius-biotech.com

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