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Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108 Full-time Job

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"Mengbao doesn't cry, Grandpa Guo helps you revenge, even if the punishment, you have done a good job recently, Grandpa Guo is very happy, in the future." Remember to tell Grandpa Guo that you can't hide anything from Grandpa Guo any more, do you know? Kuo Pao-chi smiled pleasantly, and Meng-pao smiled through tears. Only Chi Lianshui could not laugh. He was cheated. He was cheated by Mengbao. This child is so annoying. Whoo, whoo. He's hurt. Mengbao, you hurt Grandpa Chi's heart. Grandpa Chi can't sort out the'medicine 'grass now. You can go to sort out the'medicine' grass for me tomorrow. Dead child, don't think that you can relax without feeding corpses, wait and see, don't toss you to death, I won't be surnamed Chi! But Chi Lianshui forgot that Guo Baoji was here. Mengbao just pulled Guo Baoji's clothes and said, "Grandpa Guo, Grandpa Chi scared Mengbao. Mengbao dared not speak any more. Mengbao didn't know anything." Guo Baoji immediately stared at the red refining water, to the red refining water to lift the punishment of Mengbao, red refining water is angry and angry, but now he dare not speak out, had to twist a face, and Mengbao said not to come. "Thank you, Grandpa Guo. Thank you, Grandpa Chi. You are really good people. Mengbao loves you so much." Mengbao is very polite to salute two people: "Grandpa Chi, Grandpa Guo, you have something to say slowly, Mengbao left first." When Mengbao finished, he ran to the back of the mountain and rushed directly to the Valley Lord who was squatting in the "medicine" garden to pull weeds. With a happy face, he said, "Grandpa Valley Lord, you are so awesome. According to what you taught Mengbao, Grandpa Guo really didn't punish Mengbao. Mengbao loves you! "Hehe.." Grandpa Guzhu also loves Mengbao. The Valley Lord hugged Mengbao with a smile, and the corners of his mouth could not stop smiling proudly. Xiaoshuizi, dare to fight with me, ha ha! Update Quickly No Pop-up Plain Text Android client online download address: Registered members can get a private bookshelf,Portable gold trommel, which is more convenient for reading! [59 Literature Permanent Address: www.59to.com] [Text 045 Visiting Friends, Awkward Uncle of the Nine Emperors] Leaving the south of the Yangtze River, the next stop for Jiu Huangshu and Feng Qingchen is to go to the northwest border town. Of course, their trip is not for official business, but to visit friends, at most by the way to see the situation at the border, to observe the situation of the people. Unlike the beautiful and rich south of the Yangtze River, the northwest is rough and somewhat desolate. Looking ahead, many places are empty, unlike the south of the Yangtze River, which is full of people and houses. The houses here are not as beautiful and luxurious as those in the south of the Yangtze River, but mainly practical. Near the outer city, all stone houses, it is said that in the past, the enemy often came to the border town, and the stone houses were strong. As soon as Jiu Huangshu and Feng Qingchen arrived in the northwest, they changed into local clothes, gold cil machine ,small gold wash plant, just delicate skin, completely without the roughness and wind and frost of the people in the border town. Are you from the south? The old farmer driving the oxcart saw the nine emperor's uncle and Feng Qingchen. They were walking alone outside the city. They kindly accosted him and parked the oxcart beside them. Nine emperor uncle and Feng Qingchen had already found out, but the other side was harmless, they did not stop, see the other side stopped, nine emperor uncle and Feng Qingchen also stopped. From the beginning, Uncle Jiu Huang stood aside and did not speak, while Feng Qingchen said to the old farmer with a smile, "Grandpa, we've come to the capital to visit our old friends." "Oh.." "I told him that he had an extraordinary family background, and that he was a noble person from the capital." [] Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 45 Old people, more or less a little eyesight, the old farmer is forthright, but also not afraid of life. The local officials in the border town were approachable, and the local people were not afraid to see the officials. Although the nine emperor's uncle and Feng Qingchen were elegant, the old farmer was not afraid to see them. This is the border town, the folkway is tough, those playboys who play with birds on horseback, if they bully people at will, maybe they will be killed directly. Although killed people to commit crimes, but people are killed, even if the revenge can not be exchanged for a life. The common people here were so strong that they beat the children of officials to death. It happened a lot before. Although those who killed people were in great trouble, their families and children were taken care of by the clan. Once or twice is nothing, many times, those playboys also know that these people are not easy to mess with, really want to lose their lives, not worth it. In this way, the atmosphere of the border town is better than the capital. Feng Qingchen and Jiu Huangshu, at the invitation of the old man, sat on the oxcart and listened to the old farmer's introduction of local customs all the way. Of course, when sitting on the oxcart, the nine emperor uncle is not calm, standing in place for a long time, how can not sit down. That black, sure it's not cow dung? Even if it's not cow dung, he doesn't want to sit on it. It's too dirty! Nine emperor uncle's dissatisfaction, the performance is quite obvious, even the old farmer also found, but the old farmer did not care, but said with a smile: "The noble is too dirty?"? It's okay.. It's cinder, but it's a good thing. We rely on it to burn and pave the road now. Don't worry, I'll give you a piece of cloth. The old farmer came forward, patted the board, and found a piece of cloth in the corner, which was so dirty that he could not see the color. Uncle Jiu's face was even darker. It's better not to pad. Giggle Feng Qingchen smiled and enthusiastically took the cloth from the old farmer's hand. "Don't hurry, sir. He's just used to it. It's all right. I'll come.." [] Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 45 Feng Qingchen used the cloth to wipe off the cinder on the board. Then he patted the board and said to Uncle Jiu, "Sit down!" "I.." You can walk. Hurry up. Thanks to my uncle's willingness to take us into the city, we have to walk on our legs, and I don't know how long it will be. Feng Qingchen pulled nine emperor uncle, nine emperor uncle did not struggle again, can only suppress the disgust in the heart, gnash teeth to sit down. Feng Qingchen sat very comfortably, but Uncle Jiu was full of awkwardness and felt something was wrong. Fortunately, he was well cultivated. Even if he didn't like it, he wouldn't twist around. He just pursed his mouth and didn't speak. He looked at Feng Qingchen's eyes with a little bit of ferocity. Feng Qingchen obviously did not want to ride in a carriage,Carbon in Pulp, saying that he wanted to experience the local conditions and customs of the border town, but now? I'm riding in an ox cart! If you take an ox cart, you can take an ox cart. Why don't you change a clean one? What kind of cinders cart is this? How dirty is it. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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The Pillow Book of Three Lives and Three Worlds: The Final Chapter