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Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ... Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:10   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   30 views
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I.. W@——R……” Long Ma's saliva splashed and complained that it was not enough to let people live, and the old man of the savage had arrived. "This master specializes in eating the Great Sage, such as the Golden Black of the Fire Mulberry Star and the Great Sage of the Wanlong Nest. For him, they are all crunchy and can be swallowed after chewing a few times." Long Ma Dao, I'm really scared. Even if it is our own people, but if the future encounters on this road, it still makes it a little uncertain. He clearly remembered the way he stared at him when he relapsed, feeling like he was looking at a golden, shiny, fragrant roast horse. Ye Fan is also a daze, think carefully, the final road is really no taboo rules, there is only one condition, that is, as long as you are strong enough! Demon old man wandering in the universe, unexpectedly came here, along the way is to eat over, or swept the four directions, fight over, no one knows. Ye Fan, Pang Bo, Ji Ziyue and others all felt that this crystal tablet was of great value to them, and they only glanced at it and got so much amazing information. The fiftieth man has a big tone. He really dares to have a name. His name is Emperor! Emperor, these two words are too eye-catching to be noticed. Suddenly, a sigh came. Alas, I finally missed it. I only left for a little while. The fiftieth place was occupied by someone, and it was this name. Could it be that he was born? In the distance,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, a figure came, all wrapped in chaos, hazy and mysterious, staring at the fiftieth position on the crystal tablet, with a deep sigh. Chapter 1480 peerless enemy of the heavenly road. "Who is Brother Tai?" Pombo asked, the man was so mysterious that he said such a strange thing. One of those who strive to cross over in the bitter world of mortals. It was really extraordinary to see the man floating in the mist. Daoyou is really a master, and every word and deed has artistic conception. Pombo said. The man in the fog smiled and said, "Is Brother Dao making fun of me?" "I dare not." Pang Bo, with a straight face, asked him why he only stared at a "fifty" order,pumpkin seed extract, and what was the secret. Dayan's number of fifty, but to fight for the escape of one. In fact, there is no artistic conception, just the competition of the same kind, recognize this number, then want to fit with it. Said the man. They all felt that this man must be extremely powerful, because they felt that he was unfathomable, as vast and boundless as a vast ocean. Dare to ask if Brother Dao is a chaotic body in the legend of the mythological era? Ji Haoyue suddenly opened her mouth and stared at the man. To your disappointment, I am just a mortal body, no special blood talent, just because I came through a small world of chaos, bringing out this mist. The bearer shook his head, and the mist of chaos dispersed, revealing his true face. This is a young man, looks very ordinary, not tall, let alone heroic, looks ordinary, as a member of the crowd, saw palmetto extract ,ghana seed extract, there is nothing surprising. Must say extraordinary, also only a pair of eyes, very clear, like two depression fairy spring, clear and thorough. Ji Ziyue secretly nodded to the crowd, this person is really a mortal body, there is no special blood source, but it is strong to the incredible state. May I ask your name, brother? Asked Pombo. The plain-looking young man smiled and replied, "Zhang Bairen." He is an ordinary body, feeling the nature of heaven and earth, and his strength is so strong that it is shocking. And his name made Pombo feel strange, twitching at the corners of his mouth, shaking his head in disbelief, and then nodding. Ye Fan was also stunned. I looked at it again and again. At this time, the dark red sword on his back clanged and automatically unsheathed, revealing strands of fairy awn. Surprised, Zhang Bairen said, "Could it be one of the four swords that Lingbao Tianzun used to kill immortals?" He could not help but step back a few steps, as if to open a safe distance, do not want to get too close to Ye Fan. Brother, is that really the name? Pombo asked seriously. The name comes from the parents, and. I don't have a reputation. Is it necessary to impersonate? It's just an ordinary symbol. Zhang Bairen said. Ye Fan, Pang Bo, Long Ma looked at each other, this man, this name. For them, there is thunder in the ordinary! "Brother, do you think fifty is a good number?" Ji Ziyue asked with a smile. Zhang Bairen shook his head and said, "I fell behind.". Have an obsession. Tao follows nature, does not need to be deliberate, acts spontaneously, and originates from the original mind, so as to approach Tao, gradually fit in with Tao, and then transcend Tao. These words, immediately let everyone surprised, even the most silent Gu Jinpeng could not help flapping his wings. The divine feather sends out a wisp of rays. Zhang Bairen stepped forward, came to the front of the crystal tablet, very casually engraved his name, ranked 54th, really let nature take its course. This makes the twelve saints are very surprised, this person gives people a very calm and mysterious feeling, just now still sighing. I put everything down in a flash. Daoyou seems to know the emperor, who he is, and why he has such a name? Longma asked, pointing to the man in the fiftieth place. Zhang Bairen shook his head and said, "I've never seen this man before.". I don't know him at all. I just think of some sporadic legends when I see the name. "Oh.". There is also a legend that I would like to consult my brother. Pombo asked politely. Well, in ancient times, this name once shocked the immortal and made a great noise. One man killed all the Great Sages at that time. Zhang Bairen said. What The crowd exclaimed. Under the whole sky, although the ancient stars of life are extremely rare, there will be many small worlds with living beings. If the Great Sage of the whole universe appears, the number may be very surprising. My expression is wrong. I mean, he once stood here, with his back to Xiongguan, facing all the heroes, and killed all the testers who came. Zhang Bairen said. Even so, it is enough to shock the world, too horrible and amazing, this must be a powerful figure?! Everyone was in a daze. How many people did he kill?! Ji Haoyue asked seriously. Fifty-four. Zhang Bairen answered calmly. According to ancient records,ghana seed extract, there was a trial with the least number of people, a total of 55 people came to the last Xiongguan, carved the mark of the real body. prius-biotech.com

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