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Color Sorter manufacturers Full-time Job

2022-12-09 07:25   Engineering   Salatiga   42 views
Job Details
The Multigrain Color Sorter is a new type of multi-purpose color sorter, which mainly provides color sorting of a series of agricultural products such as soybeans, corn, broad beans, peanuts, coffee beans, peppers, wolfberries, chickpeas and so on.
The Multigrain Color Sorter sorter adopts the world鈥檚 latest high-density field programmable chip for signal processing, which has stronger real-time performance. It can perform differentiation and integration processing at the same time, and can distinguish weak color differences and lesions as small as 0.08mm2 at the same time; enhance the detection of different colors and diseases. Spot sorting ability and effect; intelligent operation platform, easy to operate and easy to master, truly realize man-machine dialogue, intelligent docking, and peace of mind.
The selected material enters the machine from the hopper at the top. Through the vibration of the vibrator device, the selected material slides down the channel, accelerates down and enters the observation area of the sorting room, and passes between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity of the light and the color change, the system generates an output signal to drive the solenoid valve to blow out particles of different colors into the waste cavity of the receiving hopper, and the good selected materials continue to fall to the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper , So as to achieve the purpose of selecting others.Color Sorter manufacturers
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