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China Stainless Steel Casting factory Full-time Job

2022-12-12 07:57   Engineering   Salatiga   41 views
Job Details
Silica sol precision casting is a casting process that uses silica sol investment to make castings. Silica sol investment is a casting mold with silica sol zircon sand as the modeling material. First, make a wax mold (fire mold) with fusible paraffin wax and stearic acid, and then coat the wax mold with silica sol zircon sand and refractory powder to make a clay mold. Dry the clay mold and put it in hot water. When the wax mold inside is completely melted, take it out and fire it into a ceramic mold to make a silica sol investment mold. Molds produced in this way are not only less prone to sticking during casting, but also avoid burrs and provide excellent dimensional accuracy. For many low-cost factories, our silica sol precision casting is a very economical and efficient solution.
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