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Cheap Electronic Label Temporary Job

2022-12-06 13:36   Security & Safety   Weru   44 views
Job Details
Product Description
Electronic tags are also called radio frequency tags, transponders, and data carriers; readers are also called reading devices, scanners, reading heads, communicators, and readers (depending on whether the electronic tags can rewrite data wirelessly). The electronic tag and the reader realize the spatial (non-contact) coupling of the radio frequency signal through the coupling element; in the coupling channel, according to the timing relationship, the energy transfer and data exchange are realized.
Electronic shelf labels electronic shelf tags or digital shelf tags or electronic shelf labels cost or esl electronic shelf label or electronic shelf edge labels or digital shelf labels or electronic labeler or walmart electronic shelf labels or altierre electronic shelf labels or electronic product label or digital shelf edge labels or printed circuit board labels.
Packaging & Delivery
Our factory
We are Jiangsu JISE Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. JISE is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the planning, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, maintenance, and consulting services of various storage equipment and storage systems.
1.Would you have a discount if l have a large order?
A. Yes we could offer different discount according to your order quantity.
2.Which field are your products applied to?
Our products are widely used into the automatic control industry, including: manufacturing industry銆乼he third part logistics銆乨istribution centers銆乻upermarket and so on.
3.Do you accept custom design on size?
A:Yes, if the size is reasonable
4.Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?
A:Yes, we can do that
5.l don't know what kind of the product I need, what should I do?
A: Just take it easy, you just need to provide us "working pressure", "temperature" and "media." Then, we can suggest the most suitable product to you, or we provide you our e-catalogue for your reference, you choose the suitable model, you only need to tell us the model number.Cheap Electronic Label
Company Description
Meltblown Nonwovens Mainly Applications
Q: Can we visit your machine operation in your factory?
A: We have own plastic making company, you can see the machine operation.Spunbond Or Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line suppliers