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Ao Feng 3 Full-time Job

2022-11-07 12:59   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   65 views
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"Why are you looking at me like that, silly boy?" When all the people were gone, Aofeng looked back and saw Long Fei's eyes. He couldn't help stretching out his hand to rub his head again. He said earnestly, "What you want to do is not to worship me, but to become a person like me. Today you also see that in this world, strength is the most important.". Practice hard, don't become slack because of other people's change to you, honor and disgrace is not surprised is the wind of the general, can not do this you will never become a real strong, one day when I am not around you, what will you do? Originally some elated dragon fly, listen to Aofeng such a word is a surprise, the state of mind suddenly corrected a lot. Yes, someone else's is always someone else's, once he loses his protection, he can only rely on himself, and he also wants to stand out and win glory for his father. Long Fei nodded his head Pure Brightness and said with a smile, "Big Brother taught me to practice hard, but I still worship Big Brother, because I think you are worthy of my worship." Ao Feng showed a helpless smile, but felt very comfortable in her heart, although she had just come to the north, but with such a brother, she would not feel lonely. Mayor Li Wen's work efficiency is very high, the next morning, Tan Lin personally sent the information needed by Aofeng. Said to be information, in fact, is a memory crystal, people in the north do not need any paper books, all use this memory crystal to record events, Ao Feng feels that this is somewhat like a computer CD, a memory crystal can store a lot of things scary. This information is quite rich, including not only all the issues of the North Wind and Cloud List published by Tongtianlou in the past thousand years, but also many peerless strong people who are not on the list, as well as those who have become famous in recent years, probably all of them. The land of exile is vast, and the people in it are in the middle of it. There are hundreds of millions, and there are thousands of territories, all of them. That adds up to an astronomical figure. Heaven and earth double list each hundred people really can not meet the demand, there are tens of thousands of masters outside the list, Aofeng simply can not look at all in detail, only a rough look at the heaven and earth double list, special attention to the rookie list. Looking at the rookie list, Ao Feng was amazed. It really deserves to be in the north, where the strong are like clouds and the perverts come forth in large numbers! Long Fei became a God at the age of sixteen, but there was a wonderful flower who became a Lord at the age of sixteen, and there were many people who became a Lord in a hundred years. The memory crystal reads: 839 years ago, Lord Sting entered the rank of Lord at the age of eighty-eight. 771 years ago, Lord Yaohui entered the rank of Lord at the age of 52. Seven hundred and nine years ago, Lord Tunri entered the rank of Lord at the age of ninety-three. Five hundred and three years ago, side impact door beams ,Precision Welded pipes, Lord Xinghui was born and became the youngest Lord in the history of the North at the age of 16, which shocked the world! But not two or three years later, the Star Lord went directly to the land of the gods through the Northern Transport Array. Now I don't know what he has become. It's a flash in the pan. The masters in the north are not immutable. Most talented people are eager to get better training conditions, so they will go to the land of the gods. There are also many gods and lords who can't break through for a long time. Although the masters are produced every year, they will not cause the phenomenon of the backlog of the upper class. Looking at the list of rookies in a thousand years, more than half of them have left the North. Ao Feng swept all the way, and finally saw this issue of the Northern Rookie List. He blinked his dark eyes and touched his chin and said, "Hey, the last hundred years have been surging like a rising wind and scudding clouds. Four geniuses?" In the last hundred years, there have been four extremely talented young talents in the North. Rookie ranked first in the list, killing the son of the Great Lord, killing the young Lord to silence. The 29-year-old Lord class strong, known as the first person after the Star Hui Lord, is now the first killer in the North Dark World Killer List, no matter who, as long as he is targeted, there is no possibility of survival, has maintained a record of zero mission failures. However, dry silence is extremely cold, temper is particularly strange, want to ask him to kill a lot of people, but he is willing to take the task is not much, if he is unhappy, he even went to hire people will directly cut a thousand net. A few days ago, Qianjimie just killed the hundredth strong man in the land list, and set two records in the land list and the rookie list in the history of the North. The whole world sighed that the potential of the Lord of Silence was still above the Lord of Starlight. Ranked second in the rookie list, the son of Mo Jiujun, the Great Lord of Swords, and Mo Hanjian, the Young Lord of Swords. This guy is also a perverted, shiny, awesome person! It seems that Mohan Jian has been practicing in the spirit of God and has never appeared in front of the world. When he first appeared on the mainland stage, he defeated a Lord from the southern mainland. From then on, he was on the rookie list. He was thirty-one years old that year, and he is only thirty-six years old this year. He is not in the limelight because of his silence. The reason why Mo Han-ke ranks second is because of his age, and because he is not only a very tough swordsman, but also an illusionist. His swordsmanship is no less than Mohan Sword, and he can use the phantom beast to attack. His comprehensive strength is supposed to be better, but they have never competed after all, and the world often argues about the ranking of the two. In addition to them, there are two quasi-lords of the imperial peak of the strong. Ranked third is the 43-year-old King of Heaven, Yin Fuzhi, and the fourth is the first disciple of the Great Lord in Red, who is about 30 years old. According to the assessment of Tongtianlou, with their current strength, they will surely be able to jump into the rank of Lord before they are 100 years old! Hundred years into the Lord, absolutely worthy of the name of super genius, so these four people are collectively known as the four geniuses in the north, is the top figure for the younger generation. As for the following list, there is a serious disconnect. Not to mention the peak of God Emperor, there are only a few people who can enter the level of God Emperor. Then there are God Emperor and God King. At the end of the rookie list is an 82-year-old one-star God King. These four perverts are really perverts! Ao Feng put away the memory crystal, sighed lightly, and thought to himself: Xu Lai,aluminium coated tubes, I am now in the fifth place in the rookie list at most. Chi has not yet awakened. With my own strength, even if I use the Royal Armor, I am no match for them. I can only compete with them after I become a God emperor. It is impossible not to work hard.. cbiesautomotive.com

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