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A thousand miles of smoke Full-time Job

2022-11-07 13:05   Marketing & Communication   Caringin   72 views
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1. Dead door Family: Please don't misunderstand. The word "Family" is "Wind and Fire". The name of the hexagram does not have any meaning. The Gate of Death is located in the southwest. 2. "The appearance of the youth happens to be a butterfly soul that awakens the dream": borrowing a classic of Zhuangzi's butterfly dream. Postscript: Why is Ale becoming more and more like a warm family drama? Jiong Xuanxiao Father Ziying Mother Huaimi Brothers Really TMD Happy Family XDDDDD (was knocked away) Ah, and in fact, the first half of this article has entered the countdown. I plan to finish the first half with two more articles of about 7000 words, and then the second half is the orz that I mainly write. And look carefully. .. In fact, even I am surprised by the number of foreshadowing I have laid in these articles. So those who see it or those who are aware of it, please pretend not to see it (hello). Continue to go to the small theater at the end, and give you a smile. M: Do Martial Uncle Xuanxiao and Little Ziying have any response to someone's reaction that you have too much inner drama? Do you want to increase the dialogue? Ziying: This.. I just.. ..… (Heads down) Xuanxiao:.. (Turns his head in displeasure) M: Well, I was wrong. T ^ t I forgot that you two were smoldering. What kind of question do I ask? Does it mean that Martial Uncle Xuanxiao doesn't even bother to say four words (tears streaming down his face)? Huo Li Bai Prime Minister Zhi You Press the Sword "Open the Door" Despite a period of twists and turns, the two eventually returned to the hotel where they stayed. Along with them came a basket full of rare minerals, which were said to have been picked up and collected by the little locust demons "unintentionally". As a matter of course, the white-haired young man declined to thank him, but looking at the awkward appearance of the four dumplings and a child, he could not refuse. Just when the young man was in a dilemma, his brown and black eyes involuntarily glanced at him,plastic pallet manufacturer, as if with a sense of asking for help. He raised his eyebrows high, because it was the first time that the young man had shown such an unexpected expression since they had met a hundred years ago, and because he had a rare idea of teasing the young man. Then, under the startled gaze of the young man and the goblins, he said, "Then take it." Then he shook his sleeve and left without looking back,plastic pallet supplier, with a slightly rising arc at the corners of his mouth. Too bad he didn't want anyone to see him. However, he did not know that he also missed the young man who hurried to keep up with him at the same time, and the indifferent pleasure in his eyes. And what you can't see is often the most real and soft shadow in your heart. Bucket handle east finger, the world is spring In the middle of the night, with the wind blowing in the warm and cold spring night, with a little bit of cool, a little bit of penetration into the heart. Just as he was now sitting on the red-tiled roof of the inn as if no one was watching the image of the black dragon dancing on the night before the clear moon came out, he recalled the past bit by bit. And what he saw in the daytime today, all about youth. Even he was surprised to remember the young man so much all the time! So he needed a period of time to think, and such a biased place, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic wheelie bins, such a lonely time, should have been no one to disturb. But the figure that appeared afterwards clearly overturned his idea. Xuanxiao.. Martial Uncle? The young man's voice appeared from behind, and the words of inquiry made him frown involuntarily. "Why did Martial Uncle leave the room at this time?" Very well, he apparently forgot for a moment that no matter what he said, he was still a prisoner of the divine world, no matter how loose and unreasonable the keeper was. "Whether I leave the room or not should have nothing to do with you." The chagrin that came to his mind was not displeasure, but he had to admit that it was not a good thing for the person concerned to appear immediately while he was thinking about things. "Why are you so nervous when you can't escape the scrutiny of the divine world anyway?" "Martial Uncle, actually.." The young man opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he didn't really say it. There was only a little starlight in the evening of the new moon, and he couldn't recognize the young man's mouth in the darkness. So all he heard was an illusory sigh, and then the young man sat down behind him, back to back, unable to see each other's expressions. "Martial Uncle's interest seems to be watching the stars at night." ……… If you just say something you do often, that's it. Meaningless dialogue, it seems, is just a young man who wants to break the awkward silence, but this is not what he cares about. Because there are more things for him to be distracted at the moment. There was a little bit of warmth behind him, but the young man's body was not really leaning against him, just very close, so close that he could imagine how the young man was bending his back slightly, hugging himself and looking up at the sky. Like the way he studied astrology when he first came to the Qionghua School a long time ago. I still remember that for the first time in such a high place, I saw tiny spots of light spread all over the indigo blue, and the clouds and mists set each other off. It was so vast and so uncontrollable. Counting the cold spots with your fingertips, you could see the rosefinch spreading its wings and the blue dragon flying. The line of sight rotated and sketched that the white tiger leaped over the basalt of the mountain. Even though he was as young as he was at that time, he knew that it was the greatest truth between heaven and earth. And like now, after so much wind and rain, the sky is still running like this, even from the East China Sea to look up, even from the back of the youth to look. To change and not to change is only the constant of the way of heaven. ……… Murong Tzu-ying? Since the last conversation, the young man sat behind him in silence for a long time, which made him suspicious. He did not remember that the astrolabe was included in the project of youth mastery. Finally, in spite of his doubts and curiosity, he turned his head and found that the young man had already fallen asleep in that way. Feelings of powerlessness and surprise welled up between his eyebrows, and he really did not know whether to say that the young man had too much trust in him or too little vigilance. Unprepared to give his back to a person who may be called hostile,plastic pallet manufacturer, not to mention, or even fall asleep in the sight of the other side, is not something he can imagine. cnplasticpallet.com

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